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I specialize in breeding American Field Labradors as Hunting Companions that can Hunt and run Hunting Tests

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Pictures and stories about pups from past to 2015. Send your pup updates and accomplishments. NOW continuing on Facebook under Erins Edge Labradors

I want to see pictures of your pups, but PLEASE don't send pictures over 200kb. When taking digital pics please use a lower resolution so the images are smaller, under 32KB.

Looking for a Puppy and don't know what to look for? Read This! Be Flexible in order to get the puppy best for you.

This is not an ad for Erin's Edge. This is about becoming educated to avoid scam breeders that prey on impulse buyers.

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 Older or Started Dogs for Adoption  


No Visitor Tours here! Do not just Stop In. Strictly Enforced!

This policy is to prevent disease spread by those visiting other kennels and to protect the Dam's privacy

Pups are raised in my home.

Pups are picked in order of deposits so I won't know which ones are available until Pick-up Day is over.


 Deposit $200 made out to Erins Edge. 

Please include your email address and phone number, info about yourself, litter, and 1st and 2nd choice if needed

If you need to reach me with health or training questions regarding the pup you have purchased,

EMAIL IS BEST since I  can get emails on my cell.

Pups will be on Purina Pro Plan Sport 26/16 Chicken and Rice Formula All Life Stages 37 1/2-lb bag has it. Free Shipping with $49 purchase. Some Petsmarts have it but you have to check online.  Amazon has it.

Now Mills Fleet Farm has it

Order your food at least 3 days early from Chewy!

I Always Need Newspapers!


I only sell Labrador Retrievers, I do not sell Golden Retrievers, or Goldendoodles like Google says. Also, all reviews with 1 star and no review are placed there by Google so you pay them to remove it. I do not even have a Google Business Listing.

Early Winter

Go to Litterpage for Pictures and Pedigree


Tangier X Moose MH All Chocolate born November 13th, Ready January 4th

Produced Many Hunters and Family Companions    

   Chocolate Females $1200


Joey (Ben SH daughter X Blue (FC Joe Black ) X Drake QA2 Blacks and Chocolates

Due Jan 5th Ready later February

Chocolates $1200. Black Females $1,100, Black Males $1,000

Family Companion and Hunters.


Drake QA2 X Vanna (Goose MH) Blacks & Chocolates due January 7th Ready Later February

Chocolates $1200, Black Females $1100, Black Males $1,000

Hunting, Hunt Test, Hunting Family Companions


All Pups born and raised on Erin's Edge's Premises were under my control, Licensed by the State of Wisconsin,

License number 267976-DS. Inspected and Approved  initially August 26th, 2011, and inspected every two years.  Dogs are bred & sold as Hunting Retrievers.

All Vaccinations, Microchip installations, medication dispensing, and tooth cleanings, and record keeping are done by the owner


 Labradors Since 1980

Selective Breeding for Outstanding Performance Plus Looks 


 Erins Edge Goose Ya Big Studd at 8 weeks

   Erins Edge Labradors has specialized in breeding Working American Field Chocolate Labradors for the field as well as for family hunting companions since 1980, raising 5-7 litters a year. We often breed Field Champion Blacks to Chocolate females for diversity, and to intensify the Chocolate lines, and occasionally we produce Yellows that are are usually from Black titled males. My females must be intelligent working dogs with an excellent pedigree and temperament, OFA Excellent or Good hips, OFA normal elbows, CERF clear eyes, good bone and conformation, great drive and desire. The parents of these females and my studs must also have the same health clearances, have been proven not to produce serious genetic problems, and live long and healthy lives without medication. All breedings are guaranteed to produce pups that are unaffected for EIC and CNM, and as new DNA tests come out, my dogs will be tested and bred appropriately. I do not believe eliminating all carriers is in the best interest of any Breed, so I look for the best match for Health, Performance, and Diversity of the Labrador breed. My breeding program has focused on breeding to talented, trainable, and good looking field studs that resemble the classic Labrador look as much as possible. I offer a real written guarantee with replacement after you neuter or spay your dog, and  I do not require you return the dog to me, which I consider a non-guarantee. Pups receive complete Veterinary health checks with a report card, are microchipped, dew claws are removed, they are dewormed multiple times, and are well socialized and exposed to feathers. Pups are raised completely inside my home and have a play area outside during the day. At stud are Titled and DNA profiled Chocolates and that are CNM, EIC, and PRA clear. I look for homes where dogs live in the house and are part of the family. I sell on Limited Registration, and if buyers want to breed, the Registration can be converted to Full Registration by obtaining all the health certs and a  thorough understanding of breeding. I have been active as a Field Trial handler, have judged AKC Licensed Field Trials for over 20 years, and I also compete in AKC Hunt Tests. Visit my online store on my website with over 200 natural and innovative products for your dog including custom made all natural healthy treats, probiotics, hypoallergenic treats, Holistic and Herbal remedies, supplements, Labrador gifts, toys, and other unique dog products. 

 Roadhouse Gusto, OFA Excellent, was my own Qualified All Age senior stud, a dark chocolate who was a talented marker, stylish and dynamic...a pleasure to run. I consider him my foundation sire not only because he was my first dog to QAA, but he showed me we could run Opens. His loyalty, love, and devotion were truly exceptional; he was my heart dog and best Bud ever. His father was 1992 NAFC/FC Gusto's Last Control and his littermate sister was 1998 NAFC/FC Hattie McBunn who was also the 1998 High Point Amateur Female with multiple Doubleheader Wins. Hattie's breeding with LeanMac produced multiple 7 FC and one of the strongest competitive lines in FT ever. Erins Edge Goose Ya Big Studd, MH OFA Excellent is the son of FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Barracuda Blue, MH, the first  dog in AKC history with all five titles and amateur trained, and frozen semen is still available. Erin's Edge Lean Machine SH (Rico), was my Black Stud from 2X NAFC/FC 2X CNAFC Ebonstar LeanMac who has produced over 155 FC, the #1 producer in FT history, and FC/AFC Gator Pts Sweet Potato Pie (the first FC/AFC Chocolate female in AKC history) who passed yellow and chocolate. The majority of my bitch line goes back to Hard Driving Abigail, one of my foundation bitches, was 83 pounds, had great a great nose, drive, and desire, a distinct personality, and a long life free of any medications with the other being Mallard Lake Lady Magnum QAA OFA Excellent, who was for a brief time the only breedable QAA Chocolate female and she fostered all my puppies. The combination of Roady and Maggie's lines along with GRHRCH Gator Pt's Magnum Gentle Ben MH,QAA, at one time #3 HRC producer of titled dogs, a wonderful dog titled in 3 venues AKC FT, AKC HT, and HRC grand champion are in  Erin's Edge Double Magnum Ben SH, chocolate, OFA Excellent, sires birdy hunting and family companions with that Classic Labrador Look. I also have another line of blacks originating in Alaska and Canada out of AFC Westwind's Iron Fist his great grandson Erin's Edge Bada Boom QAA (Rizzo) who is Black from FC/AFC Candlewoods Rulin the Roost, Rooster (LeanMac and 3X NFC Lottie's Sister Bebe) and Katy, my FC/AFC Webshire Honest Abe x AFC Westwind Iron Fist line.  His brother Rip, FC Premiers Riptide received his FC on 5-10-09, my first bred FC. My young black stud is Erins Edge Roadhouse Ride Em QAA is a combination of Rooster lines and Abe Lines (FC Rip and Rizzo's sister) bred using frozen semen from Roady.  He is available for stud, a chocolate factored black.  Drake, a Chocolate Factored Black by FC/AFC Merlyn IV (FC Fargo II x FC Case Hardened Colors)  FC at 3 yrs - Won Derby/Qual same trial - 35 derby points and currently has 78.5 Open AA points - Qualified for multiple Nationals. Dam: Working Class Zoe of Zanzibar MH, QAA (FC-AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild x Jacob's Hermione MH)  Her sire, FC-AFC Drake is a littermate to FC-AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH (Sired all-time high point derby dog "Ammo") .  Drake was trained by Tim Springer of  Dynamic Retrievers and now is trained by Dave Ward of Timber Ridge Retrievers and running Opens.. In 2015 I DNA tested my breeding dogs and offspring of my frozen semen studs to make sure they are clear of any Dilute (Silver)  genes.

Pink, 1st duck, under 3 months (Juice/AFC Tucker)

   I slowly incorporated new individuals from all black and chocolate field champion lines that had proven to be genetically healthy and showed natural talent. I do not deviate from my lines unless I know the health background of the dogs, and I have the great-great granddaughter of foundation bitch so I know my lines. I do not lease females to breed or buy older females just to breed but breed only my own female lines. I also had several Yellows from a line I bought from a friend that knows his lines. My observation has been that breeding to show or Champion lines that have not produced working dogs, dramatically lowers the drive, desire, and intelligence in the pups, so my breeding program has focused on breeding to talented, trainable, and good looking field studs that resemble the classic Labrador look as much as possible, and occasionally bench/field crosses where the lines have produced working dogs that have at least titled as Master Hunters. Breeding is more than putting two dogs together. Some Breeders advertise they are trying to "Better the Breed", whatever that means. I am constantly trying to "Improve my own Lines" so they look and hunt like a Classic Labrador. Although I enthusiastically support any puppy owner that competes my dogs, I am more interested in the best possible home for my pups, rather than selling to competition homes only. I am not interested in selling to parties that resell the dogs either. Working homes are preferred and most of my pups are in hunting or hunt test homes, but they also do obedience, agility, therapy dogs, search and rescue, become Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs, and are also beloved Family Companions. I strive for dogs that have a great desire for hunting, but after the puppy stage, are able to relax in the house. Please be aware that field pups and dogs need a good run everyday and do not make good couch potato dogs without some exercise, and this should not be confused with being hyper.  My dogs live long, healthy lives; however,  I don't chemically treat my lawn, and feed a high quality premium food along with my antioxidant treats, fish oil, Fido-Vite, and probiotics for their whole lives. I used to use all natural insecticides, but we also have more ticks now and tick diseases so now I use Frontline, tick collars, or Bravecto. No one can guarantee that a dog will be free from hereditary disorders but I have researched the pedigrees, health clearances, and consulted with many other breeders before choosing dogs for my breeding program.  Pups will be guaranteed to be not affected for CNM and EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse). Pups are raised in my great room or a whelping room in my house, and weather permitting, have outside outings everyday. Puppies come with a puppy care packet with a written hip and eye guarantee, 1st set of vaccinations, dewormed 3X, vet checked, dewclaws removed, microchipped, well socialized and exposed to feathers.  Deposits ($200) are non-refundable and can be made by a check or through Paypal using your credit card for $210 or using Paypal for final payment there is a $60 surcharge.  Balances must be paid in cash (preferred) or a check 2 weeks prior to puppy pick-up. My preference is a check for a deposit and cash for the balance plus sales tax. In the event the litter or sex is not born, the deposit may be moved to another or future litter within 2 years. Pedigrees are available on the litter page along with pictures. Follow the pups on the Nursery Page. Pups are fed Pro Plan Active Sport Chicken & Rice All Life Stages. The Protein, Fat, and Calcium contents are correct for Large Breed puppies and I like the ingredients. If you prefer Pro Plan Large Breed Focus Puppy, Fromms Gold Puppy, or another food figure on several weeks of ProPlan to convert over.

There is not a lot of hype on this website, but there are a lot of happy Erin's Edge puppy owners. Visit the NEWS pages and Facebook Page to look at some of my pups, their families and stories year by year. 

My kennel has been inspected and passed by the AKC 5 times and by the State of Wisconsin 3 times with no deficiencies.

 We are just west of Cabelas exit 60 & 41 Erin's Edge Labradors has been located in the Holy Hill area, 25 miles NW of Milwaukee off Highway 41, for over 30 years, nestled on 15 acres at the edge of the Township of Erin that was settled over 150 years ago by Irish immigrants because of the beautiful green rolling hills produced by glaciers and the rich, fertile soil in the valleys. Holy Hill, a Carmelite Monastery, is built on the peak of the glacier and ice age trail, overlooks the farm. 

Send me your pictures and stories and they will appear on the News page!

  Mission Statement: Erin's Edge recognizes the health of your pet is important to you as your own, and is committed to providing you with a healthy puppy and also in developing, improving, and distributing innovative, natural products with the highest quality ingredients that safely promote good health and a long life or improve the quality of life of canine companions and competitors in a manner that is both socially responsible and beneficial to our customers and the canines they love.

I further believe that Traditional Medicine can be complemented by alternative practices to maximize the health of our dogs.  Harvard University study released in January 2005 found that 35 percent of Americans have used some form of alternative healing on themselves, so why not also for their pets. 

 Limited Store Items for Puppy buyers and Past Customers. Prefer Pick Up

 Cut and paste what you want from the list and email me and I will send an invoice through Paypal with the correct calculated postage. You do not have to be registered for Paypal, you just need an email address.  

     25% off in Stock store items with a $100 order


        British Slip Leads, puppy toys, and Labrador Gifts.  


      Nancy has a BS in Zoology & Medical Technology, worked over 35 years in healthcare and research, has over 45 years of animal husbandry experience, has been specializing in Chocolates and raising Labradors since 1978, and received an MBA from the University of Phoenix 2/02. 

 For outstanding excellence in workmanship, service, design, and business integrity talk to Jane & Ron Ainley or Manager Chad for your next trailer or kennels.


 If you can't keep your Erin's Edge Puppy PLEASE don't surrender the dog to a shelter or rescue.

Call me to help place the puppy.

If you are looking for a rescue: Labrador Rescue Contacts

The Labrador Connection (TLC) Penny 414 299 9038

Labrador Education and Rescue Network, Robin

Illinois and Chicago

For Those Trying to decide when is the right time for Euthanasia

Euthansia: When is it Time?

For Those that have Recently Helped their Loved Dog over the Bridge

The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
then you must do what must be done
For this, the last battle, can't be won.
You will be sad, I understand,
Don't let the grief then stay your hand,
For this day more than all the rest
Your love and friendship stand the test.
We've had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer so;
When the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my needs they'll tend
And stay with me, if you can, to the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time, you will see,
It is a kindness you do for me.
Although my tail its last was waved,
From pain and suffering I've been saved.
Don't grieve that it should be you,
Who must decide this thing to do,
We've been so close, we two, these years;
Don't let your heart hold any tears.
Smile, for we walked together for a little while.


Dogs who've shared our lives
They will not go quietly,
the dogs who've shared our lives.
In the subtle ways they let us know
their spirits still survives.
Old habits still make us think
we hear a barking at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be.


And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.
And although time bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill.
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them...
and always will.
Our labs wouldn't want us to be without a lab because they want us happy



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   Become informed about activist groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) who dupe animal lovers into thinking they are donating millions of dollars for animal shelters and care but who really have hidden agendas to ultimately prevent you from buying purebred dogs and they also seek to prevent all hunting. They are using tax free dollars to promote their radical agendas, and if they pass the legislation they are currently backing, your next dog might have to come from a puppy mill instead of a caring breeder, and then they will go after the puppy mills. They want to eliminate all purebred dogs.

Read Conservation of HUNTERS in National Geographic

PETA or the HSUS may be coming to your community to pass ordinances ultimately aimed at preventing you from having pets. They came to Richfield where I live and tried to get ordinances passed without adequately notifying the community. This is how they work. Read their agenda-No Birth Nation. Ask yourself, if they pass these next ordinances, where will you get your next Labrador or pet? Keep informed.


HumaneWatch uncovers the truth, only 1/2 of 1% of those $19 a month donations on TV to save a suffering animal go to your local Humanesociety





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