Toby, Kita/Roady 5 months

Just wanted to let you know that the puppy we "adopted" shortly before Christmas (he was the Teal one) is WONDERFUL! He has a lovely disposition and is absolutely brilliant --we had to reinstall different doorknobs as he was leaving the house otherwise! He is 41 pounds, and an absolute doll. He is such a great dog, though! He is great about letting us know when he needs to go outside and is so far very gentle with our handicapped son. (Especially since that child has a lot of great toys to chew!) We are just so pleased with him -- we don't remember when he wasn't a part of the family!

  Lena, Jacy/Goose 1 year. Lena is doing very well since her 6 week stint at the trainers, esp. for Duane !!! We hope to get her Junior Hunter this spring. She has Tons of drive and intelligence, she just needs to work on her marks and keep it Calm ...


  Lucy, Roady/Allie 3 months. I wanted to send you some recent pictures of me so you can see how big I'm getting. Mommy and Daddy took me to Detroit with them a couple of weeks ago. I was a really good traveler and had fun playing with my friend "Titan" (a brindle Great Dane puppy) when I got there. Everybody loves me'cause I'm so cute. My brother Jack took me to school with him so I could play with all of his friends, I had a blast and his teacher fell in love with me. I'm potty trained now, that wasn't hard, and I get to go swimming everyday now that it's warm outside. I love to swim and am quite good at it, I live on 400 feet of Menominee River Frontage. I have 3 acres to run on and am having a good time. I will be visiting my new vet soon for a check-up, but everything is going fine here. Lots of Love, "Roady's I love Lucy"


  Cory, Aggie/Goose, 7 months She is doing great and has become my best buddy. Everyone who meets her has the same reaction - she is sweet and precious.

  Bosco, Aggie/Goose 11months Bosco is growing, and growing, and growing!! Everything is going great.

 Truman, Grace/Cash 6 months Truman has grown to become quite the distinguished pup. Upon completion of the puppy obedience class, Truman did so well that we were able to skip the first half of the basic class. Our instructor has invited us to work 1 on 1 with her and her dog. Truman likes to show off in class just how smart he is. At 6 months he can now do a sit stay or a down stay for 15-20 minutes at a time with very few corrections. If he keeps on this path I intend to entering him in obedience competitions. We head off to the forest preserve most every weekend. He is quite the water dog. He'll jump right in without a worry.


Mia, Aggie/Goose, 4 months. Gregg and I just wanted to give you an update on little Ms. Mia. We are very pleased with her and love her more & more each day. We had her swimming in Lake Michigan at about 3 months - in which she truly enjoyed - definitely loves the water! Mia is an excellent dog - very affectionate - loves to be held and cuddled. She is also a very intelligent girl and quick to learn.





 Rico/Katie, Kaydee is a wonderful dog. We love her to death and the kids do too. I hope you enjoy the picture.Update: Hello , just up-dating you on kaydee ( katie & Rico )born 12/28/01. Well She has been on 1 goose hunt and two dove hunts since sept. 1 . We had now geese to shoot at but the last two dove hunts we killed 42doves and she retrieved about 30% I was very satisfied the first day as the hunt went on something clicked and she knew what she was supposed to do. I still have to work on formal hold and with steady in the dove field ( in the boat she is fine even with docks landing in the goose decoys). At 8 months old she is 60 pounds now and looks great . I keep getting compliments on her coat and her temperment.I was alittle afraid at first about her retrieving doves since the feathers fall off so easy but she wont learn staying at home. She has deffinetly made my hunts more enjoyable and the season just startd. Very Satisfied,Rich. Update: Kaydee ( from Katie & Rico ) Is doing great. She is 1 year and 4 months now . The first season with her was awsome!! She is 70 pounds now and looks great. We both can't wait for season to open again.I wish I had a video to show you of her 150 yard retrieve in bean field for a crippled goose. I just want to add to what Rich was saying about Kaydee: She is a very good dog. She knows the difference from when she is out hunting rather than playing inside with the kids. She loves the outdoors, but loves to be with people. If the kids are inside playing, she wants to stay in here. If they leave to go outside, she would rather be out there. It is so cute watching her play out there with them. My son will pretend that he is hunting and Kaydee is right there near him. They have a special bond. Kaydee was really easy to potty train also. My youngest is having a hard time potty training and I keep telling Kaydee that she needs to train her, ha. Now that would be a miracle. Anyways, there is one more thing that Kaydee does. When we are leaving and we are getting our shoes on and coats (if it is cold), she will get in her kennel without me or anyone telling her to. I just thought that was neat.

 Titus from Rico/Katie comes and visits from Chicago with my son.


 Merry Christmas Nancy!

I just had to write to let you know what a great Christmas Eve I had. We took Heidi out hunting yesterday, the first time alone without my other Lab. What a marvel! I can't get over it! She's hunted this year with my older dog about 5 times and had not really gotten with it. But yesterday was something special for a 4 month pup to scent, flush, come, and cover ground. She put up at least 7 birds all within gunning range, held close and returned at every whistle call. I cannot say enough about what a great time I had, my son too.


  E.J., Booker/Mariah, Born 2/01. EJ is great in retrieving and has grown to be a very well mannered and sensitive dog. He is very smart as well. Whenever we are outside with EJ and we are playing with him with his favorite frisbee or ball (any kind, just as long it is round), people are so amazed when they seem him jump in the air to catch it. We did not have any problems at all when we had him as a little baby puppy with potty training or with his crate. Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt one of your special puppies. We are very happy and fortunate to have him.

 We just wanted you to have a recent picture of Gordie, our baby. He's 1yr, 1month old today....from Kita and Roady's litter. He's nothing but wonderful, spunky, full of energy, and the biggest lover of all. We also have a 1year 3 month yellow female that "romps" with him all day long. We couldnt be happier and wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful, loving, even tempered pup!

 Dondo, Kita/Roady on his own Christmas Card (DOB Oct 31, 2001)