Halle SH(Roady/Jacy) Sadie JH(Aggie/Goose)

I bought one of your Rico/Kita pups last year for my daughter, her husband and 2 young grandsons. Lady has turned out to be one of the best dogs they have ever had. Not only is she a great house dog but a wonderful companion for the grandkids. She was the hit at "Pet Day" at Alec's school. She is also a retrieving fool. She has been upland bird hunting this past season and though very young did exceptionally well. She hunted and retrieved for hours non-stop. Chris is hoping to do formal training this summer and I'm sure by hunting this season she should be an even better hunting companion since she is an eager student and fast learner.

Thank you again for a super dog! Kim


  Lena JH (Jacy/Goose)

Auggie (Jacy/Goose) 6 months  72# 24"

  Tucker (Jacy/Goose) 95#, with Kaiser, 2003 update. Tucker has great natural hunting skills and incredible drive and energy for everything related to hunting and outdoors. As soon as you get him inside though, he switches personalities and turns into a couch potato. He is gentle with small children and either politely plays with or ignores other dogs. He has a slight begging problem and really enjoys his food. He retrieved tons of ducks on water and land including one 100 yard retrieve in rough water just for a little buffelhead. His first pheasant hunt he got on to what must have been a wounded rooster that still had its legs. He caught it and brought it back to me-no shots fired. He shows amazing strength, stamina, and excitement when he is pheasant hunting. He goes through very heavy cover for hours without taking a break. When we finally stop for a rest he keeps hunting on his own. Tucker is a truly unique and talented dog and we love him very much. Thanks Steve for all the great pictures!

 Chaucer (Jacy/Goose) 1 year. Chaucer has passed all his obedience classes with excellence. He has been accepted as a Therapy Dog at one of the local Nursing homes. He will be going 3 days a week starting in August. He has been going to the Moorings since he has been 8 weeks old. He loves to visit all the people. He is gentle with everyone and at home he is a lover as well. He has his weekly routines; he goes to see my Mom three days a week, he takes candy to the secretaries at our church once a week, and he goes to class once a week. He loves Ron our mailman and Phil his trainer and will do anything he is asked to do. He is a great dog! Thank you so much for selling him to us.

 Launch (Kita/Rico)Launch in Action

Notes... waiting for pictures

If you recall, we purchased one of your female blacks (from Kita & Rico) in May. We hope your summer is going well, ours is just a blast with our friend Barley. We thought it's time to give you a report w/ pictures on our little girl Barley since she's now about 5 months old. Overall, she's been just fantastic! She's smart and very lovable always willing to give affection when she can. She's been great with kids and adults, she loves her crate for naps and night-time sleeping. She has very nice tendencies for what I think she'll need for hunting grouse and pheasant. She's been up north to our cabin and loves to chase anything that flies and loves to run through the woods and fields. She is definitely going to be a great long term companion of ours.She is so compliant with everything from house training to outdoors, minding her boundaries very well. She has a neighbor puppy friend (Riley, a female "carmel" lab) who she wrestles with daily. Even with this huge distraction just next door, Barley can be made to wait for us togive her the "OK" command to go and visit Riley. Barley is also very rebust (pushing 40lbs.) and healthy. Our vet, Dr Anna at the Sussex Clinic thinks she'll be big - we'll have to see.Nancy, we just want you to know that we couldn't be happier with our decision to buy a dog from you and we hope to be able to stay in touch and keep you posted on Barley's growth and development. Thanks for a wonderful companion, Ken & Lyn

My husband, Ryan and I bought a chocolate lab from you almost 3 years ago. (Kita/Goose) We still live in Indiana and we are glad to say that Rex is doing great! He just had his birthday on April26 and he has been the best dog. We still get compliments on his good looks everywhere we go. We have several ponds in our development and we take him swimming a couple of times a week and he loves it. He is an awesome retriever and cannot get enough. Sometimes it's hard to get him to stop. He is very sweet and a huge kisser. He has been very healthy also.We just wanted to update you and thank you for giving us a great addition to our family. We will be moving within the next couple of months back to southern California but have been able to find a house on some acreage for him. As soon as we can we'll be in touch to purchase another great dog from you. I will send you some pictures of him here shortly. Thanks again, Ailyn, Ryan and Rex