Monie and Nelson (Ben/Diva) Nelson is really a great dog. You would not believe how he retrieves even birds that after we shot them and they fly farther he goes right to where they fell. The trainer up at Highland tells everyone what a great hunter he has become.  He is also very handsome.

Buck/Jazz Pups

Codee-3 month 9 months

Codee's first time out training with real birds.  He did okay and didn't mind being shot over at all.  For  his first time out I was happy. It was great seeing him run and get "birdy" .........it's all good!


MaiaMaia is living with a relative that hunts.

Hunter (Allie/Rico)Hunter is 3 yrs. old now and lives in Hartland with Scott & Julie Wolf.  He is a fantastic pheasant hunter, loves to hike, swim, and camp!  He is an ice cream fanatic! Hunter is expecting a “sister” this November from Chili and Ben.




Pheasants the following week on ducks, the following week goose

 Basics done by Crosswinds.

 Maggie (Aggie/Goose) She is a great dog Nancy.Only 11 months old and has accomplished so much.Pheasant hunting is a breeze with her.What a nose! Was a litle touch and go with the duck hunting at first but we got by that as well.She retrieved 8 mallards for me this weekend.Some she marked, others by hand and whistle direction.Left and right hand direction is pretty solid but back is only good for 25 yards.I'm not worried.........she is still so young.Got to tell you,she loves to hunt and retrieve.I mean she is crazy about it!A ball of fire.Wish you could have seen her attack a crippled Canada that thought it would win the battle.It was funny to watch her man handle that bird! I have so many stories I could tell you.She has cracked me up and has also brought tears to my eyes with pride. You know she actually hears my saftey go off in the blind and has alerted me to in coming birds as well.Oh, I could go on forever. Should also mention how lovable she has become.Obviously the affection goes both ways.What a great companion! So glad I chose you as my breeder.Great job Nancy! I have some great years ahead of me with Maggie. She's my girl..........love this dog! (loves me too!)    

  I think she likes Goose hunting in the field the best.Lays in the layout blind with me.Caught on quick to the game! I say "down",doors close,she stays still until the guns go off. She is just amazing! Like she has been doing this for years.Really gets trembling when she see's them comming! Real aggressive when she retrieves them.She has not failed yet at 32 geese! away.There is something about these birds that really gets her hot! What a dog!!!!

Kita adopted by the Deiss's and her daughter Barley out of Rico