Erins Edge Bada Boom QAA, Michiana 4/21/07

Erins Edge Double Magnum Ben SH, Island View 6/2/07



Gelato (2-8-07-Aggie/Ben) is quite the pup and loves to show off.  Everywhere we go, I am asked where did I get such a beautiful pup.  Even our Vet's  first question to us was "Where did you get her from?"  Gelato is very eagar to learn.  She was potty trainerd within the first week home and at 4 months learned the basic commands (sit,down,stay and come - with the help of your delicious cheese treats) even before attending puppy kindergarten. In class, the instructor uses Gelato when demostrating new commands. I do not plan on hunting with her, however I am fortunate to live near the ocean/beach where Gelato loves jumping into the waves and swimming retrieving sticks. Gelato is definitely a water dog and I plan on getting deadfowl trainers for her to retrieve.  Gelato was a birthday gift for my daughter, Kelly's 16th birthday and she is byfar the best gift a father could give their child. On the night of her birthday (7-2-07) Gelato was allowed to sleep with her and will continue to. Gelato brings joy to our family even my 12 year old beagle, Scamp, is beginning to enjoy her company and seams to be getting younger by the day. Nancy, once again thank you for our new addition to our family.

just wanted to let you know that Shilow (Katy/Joe) is doing good. so far everything as far as training has been a breeze, she picks up on everything instantly. as of today i have her doing some baby doubles, she sits and stays pretty good, she is doing very well on retrieving in the water, even long marks. overall i am very happy wiyh her, i have also just barely started introducing some baseball to her. as far as her being in the house she thinks she is a human, she sleeps on pillows, and finds the softest place possible to lay down, even if it is on top of my head at 3 in the morning. all of my training so far has been done with little effort, all i have to do is raise my voice to correct her.

Trigger, at about 16 months (Anna/Culver)

Here are a couple of pictures of trigger, he was just at the vet 2 weeks ago and was 82 lbs.  He is so spoiled and takes up the whole bed and lives on the couch as you can see.



Bridger 1 year (Buck/Jazz)

Here is a picture of Bridger.  She now weighs 50lbs, which is exactly what we wanted. People are always amazed that she is so little. She has been pheasant hunting with my husband, Cory, since October.   Bridger is so gentle around little kids. We don't have any but the neighbor kids all love her. She is not possesive with her toys or food, which is wonderful. Our little 4 year old neighbor can tell her to sit and lay down and she will listen to her. Thank you very much for Bridger. She is the center of our life and we love her very much.


Dakota born 3-19-94 (Molly/Roady). Nancy, Dakota is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. She goes with me everywhere as you can see she even came along for my senior pictures. She is getting alot older and is starting to show her age but she still thinks she will be hunting next season. Leaving her for college will break my heart. Thank you she is wonderful, Rachel, 5/2007


 shy (Katy, FC Joe at 8 months) is doing pretty good at the duck hunting game, we hunt the platte river and she watches everything and retrieves like she was born to do it. here are some photos , and one of them is actually on the ducks unlimited website under the retriever pics.

Shyloh 12/2


Update 12/2: Hi Nancy just wanted to give you an update on the dogs progress. Our hunting season is winding down here in NE, atleast the duck season is, and overall I think Shy retrieved 50+- ducks, both on land and out of the river. I am still just going easy with the training, nothing to harsh, no shock collars or even a choke collar, just using my voice to correct her. I have had alot of comments on how good of a dog she is , and how well mannered she is sitting outside the blind. We had one day that we dropped three ducks out in front of us at about 35 yards, and she had a triple retrieve bringing all of them back to hand. Overall i am very pleased, and am looking forward to moving on with the hand signals, and steadiness.

Littermate Derk

 Flash/DuBay brothers Otis & Clyde 5 months