News 2008

Trigger (Anna/Culver 2006) wecomes his new brother Bullseye (Missy/Ben 2008) 

 Dakota 14 years old March 19, 2008 (Roady/Molly)

First goose hunt 8/8


  Briggs lives in Canada (Goose /Katie 9/07) He's the Black



   My daughter's Dexter (Missy/Culver) and Tonka (Aggie/Goose) coming back from a weekend at the lake.

 Daisy(Maia/DuBay 4/08)Taking after Mom 

Cody ( Jazz/DuBay 1-08) is a beautiful dog, just like his father. He is only 8 months old...and already 80 lbs of muscle. He is doing extremely well in his training, in Iowa, where he is joined by one of his litter mates. Cody is everything we had hoped for...and more. Cody has made the decision he will be a house dog. And he has pretty much taken over control of the Morrison's home and hearts. Bob and Jill


Missy/Ben 1-08 It's been a long time since I picked up my pup in March but it has gone well. Belle is VERY energetic, as you predicted, and has about twice the energy as my older dog. She eats twice as much as the older dog but doesn't put on any weight (she is about 55# now) - but has a beautiful dark, soft coat. We took her out last weekend for the pheasant opener and, while she is still young, she ranged well, didn't pester the older dog, and by the second day was using her nose and put up three birds on her own. She fetches live birds - pigeons as well as the bigger pheasants - VERY enthusiastically and absolutely loves the water. She does well with Hold and Fetch and is starting to work on hand signals. We love her and expect her to be very enthusiastic when she figures it all out. Thought you might like some pictures. The day after pictures show what they both did all day after the hunt - the first time Belle has ever been worn out! We'll be going out again this weekend.

Bryan Missoula Mt

Missy/Ben 1-08 Hi Nancy. This is Sam. He just turned 1 year old and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves children, other dogs, swimming at the lake, hunting, food and life in general. He is a very laid back, happy dog at home, but as a hunter, he has been exceptional. We hunted about 20 days this year and he never ceased to amaze me. I hated to see this bird season come to an end. He has been the perfect all around dog.   Thanks again. Mike

 Kita and daughter Barley (Rico) Just wanted to give you another Kita update - she's doing well. According toyour web-site, I believe you have her birthday listed as 10-6-1996. She's now 12. Actually while typing this message she is nudging my left elbow asking for more petting. She's quite the little girl, still loves to eat, play (in her own gentle way) and go for walks. We've noticed she can't quite go for as long as walks but still gets excited when we go. We now take her for a shorter walks then drop her off at home and take Barley (now 5 1/2) for the longer usual walk/run. Both girls are doing well and are healthy. Attached is a photo from last July's trip to Michigan. As usual, she's still the neighborhood favorite. She now wonders just a bitmore from our yard perimeter to get some "love" as we chat with our nextdoor neighbors. Still the most common statement we hear is "now this is the kind of dog we would love to have". She's just such a sweetheart and so is Barley -really. As always, thanks again for both these wonderful dogs. We visit your web-site routinely just to make sure you're still there for the next dog. In the future, we'd love to get another pup or even a started dog hopefully with the same demeanor as Kita and Barley. Sincerely, Ken and Lyn...

Pups out of Ben and Goose bred to outside females

Ben bred to outside female Madison, a Swiper bitch pictured at 13 weeks. Just wanted to drop you a note about our puppy (Ben/Madison).  His name is Watercress Springs Waterfowl Siren (answers to Siren).  Today he is 22 weeks old, 54 pounds, and a joy to have.  Because I didn't want my husband to send him away for training, he's training with Bill Zimmerman weekly, but living at home.  He is retrieving doubles, live birds, and Bill says that in all his years of training, Siren might be the best he's ever seen at his age.  My husband keeps saying he's going to stop over with him some time so you can see him, but just in case he doesn't, I've attached a picture of him for you to see.  He has Ben's beautiful color, Madison's coat (and big ears), and a combination of both of their great temperaments. 

   Fletcher-outside female Willow and Goose

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to send you a quick picture of my new puppy, Fletcher.  This is the puppy I got from Mary Howley from the recent Goose/Willow breeding, and although I know it isn't directly from your kennel, Mary thought you might like to see this.  Fletcher is 5 1/2 months old and I decided to bring him along to the pheasant opener in South Dakota.  It was absolutly a joy to watch him.  In 2 days of hunting, he got the hang of what we were trying to accomplish and really showed a passion for finding the birds!  What a nose.  In fact, I let him off the leash as we walked through corn, and he never, for the entire 2 days, got outside of 15 yards from me.  He quartered well and never had the typical "puppy run away", not once.  He still has a long way to go, but really was a very impressive and natural hunter.  Not to mention, he is an amazing family dog.  We have a 9 month old and Fletch is his big brother, always playing and protecting him.  Just thought you might like to see how Fletch is doing.  He does have drive like you describe his father, Goose, but very personable little puppy!


Tessa (Meg/Gunner 8/7) Juneau, Alaska watching seagulls

This is Jesse, (Jazz/DuBay) hard to believe she'll be 1 year in January.  She is amazing.  She is smart and terrific with the kids.  We couldn't have asked for a better family pet. 


Hi Nancy, Here is a picture of Bridger (Buck/Jazz)after she won 3rd place in the longest jump contest in Madison at Goodman Pool this summer. The last day that the pool was open there was a fundraiser for the Capital Canines and they held an all dog day of swimming. We were there for two hours and it was so incredibly fun seeing dogs only in the pool chasing tennis balls and swimming. We entered Bridger just for fun and were surprised that she won 3rd place. The first place winner was a the reigning champion from previous years.

Bridger will be turning three on January 19th. She is such a good girl and still very spoiled. She continues to pheasant hunt and does a little duck hunting. She is such a little power house and still weighs around 50lbs.

We took Bridger out boating this summer for the first time and she still needs to learn that she cannot retrieve when fishing. When trying to fish she will jump in the water and try and bring back the bobber. She likes to dip her head in the live well on the boat and chase the minnows. Fortunately she doesn't eat them.

It is fun to look at your website and see some of Bridger's siblings. Thanks for everything and take care,