Congratulations FC Premier's Riptide!!!!!

Won the Open at Mid Iowa 5-10-09

The first FC I bred from FC/AFC Candlewoods Rulin the Roost X Erins Edge Iron Kate

Rip won 3 Opens and will be running the 2009 National Open


Congratulations Dave Ward & 2009 NFC Mioaks Fabulous Flipper

 Dave & Flip



Bailey from Pearl and Joe, look for his sister Minnie Pearl as a future Dam.

Joe Sarno and Zak working on SH (Missy/Culver)

 Dakota (Roady/Molly) on her 15th birthday-doesn't she look great!!!

Today is Dakota's 15th Birthday.  She still gets around pretty good, can jump on the couch, and sometimes the bed.  Her appetite is excellent and except for going on Metacam full time this year she is in excellent health for her age. Dakota gets around better than Joker, who is only 12.  For her age she is in incredible shape.  Other than she is almost deaf.  But she can still hear hard clapping.  So we use the clapping and hand signals to talk to her.  Of course she is NEVER far from us.  So it's not like we are calling her from down the field.  We had a party Sunday and had a bunch of people in the shed.  She went around greeting everyone, and looking for lost or forgotten food.  Just enjoyed the party.  She finally laid down on the concrete floor and we knew it was time to take her to the house and her own bed.  She slept late yesterday.  But was right back at it as we had more company for the real St. Pats day.  And today was her birthday.  Her usual trip to the bakery to get her cake, petsmart, and then festivities at home.  Tomorrow we are gonna take it easy.We love her to pieces.  I just can't imagine my day without her. Diane Kinsella, Windcrest Kennels.


My husband and I purchased a yellow male out of the Flash/DuBay litter (we just love him!). He just turned 2 years old on Monday

Ranger in his new home FC Joe and Markie

Rosie (Meg Gunner) 2008 joined Cory (Aggie/Goose) 2002

 Rosie is doing well and has settled into my household nicely.  She is beautiful, affectionate, loyal and very athletic and energetic.  She weighs about 62 lbs now at almost 13 months.  She is very smart and kind of goofy too.  She is always close by me and often lays down and falls asleep near me while I am in the kitchen or in my office.  She loves her Chicago walks and outings and loves the beach and lake – just jumped right in the first time like she had been swimming before!  One of my favorite things she does is that she can tell when I am going out and puts herself in her crate and lays down and just waits for me to leave.


I hope this email finds you well.  I have sent along some pictures of Fletcher from the Goose/Candlewoods breeding from May 2008.  Fletcher has completed his advanced training and these are from the South Dakota pheasant opener this year.  I had 2 people in the group ask if I was going to breed him, as they wanted a pup.  Fletcher is very handsome and about 68 pounds.  While I have plans to start running him in HRC/AKC tests in 2010, time got away from me this year to really get started.  He is a natural hunter and was a very easy trainable dog.  Most important, he is a wonderful family companion.  The kids love him and is strong desire to be a family pet.  He has a wonderful nose and continues to improve in his hunting skills. This weekend he will be with me on his first duck hunt!  I thought you would enjoy.

FC Joe/Katy Hi Nancy I thought I would give you an update on Shylow. She is doing pretty good as a duck dog and just as good as a family companion. I am slowly finishing her on blind retrieves, as I have been strapped for time. I am working on transitioning from land to water with the commands, and it is going pretty good. This year we are adding a boatblind to are arsenal of hunting options and she has taken to the boat with know problems. Shylow adapts to whatever the area is. Her are a few pics from this year. Thanks again for the detail to breeding, it has its rewards! Thanks Mark