FC Premier's Riptide wins the Open and Amateur at DesMoines 5/2010 and qualifies for the Natl Amateur

FC/AFC Candlewoods Rulin' the Roost X Erins Edge Iron Kate


Hi Nancy, Here's a photo for your 2010 puppy news page if you'd care to post it....Hailey & I earned our Rally Novice Title this weekend! And, she earned it with 3 ~ 1st place legs too! Woo Hoo! Just proves how smart your dogs are!   We love her very much :)  Julie

Felony Missy/CulverKilo Flash/DuBay

Hi Nancy!

Just thought I'd give you an update and some pics of our wonderful  dogs! Felony 86lbs (Black - Missy/Culver 2006) is the most amazing  dog I've ever owned. She truly loves to retrieve. She could chase tennis balls and frisbees all day and never quit! She gives 100% with anything you want her to do. When we go to the pond she's in heaven!  She is perfect in the house and is happy to sit with us and relax.  She is the smartest dog (the obedience trainer and invisible fence  trainers both commented on how well behaved and intelligent she is).  And she is very shiny (we hear that alot!!) Kilo 82lbs (Flash/DuBay 2007) is the happiest boy ever! He is so good  natured and loving! He is way more laid back than Felony (you said he  would be when we picked him) and he really is. He just loves to be  with us. He is still very playful and just a little naughty (still  chews mostly baby toys if he finds them) but other than that is the  most loving and sensitive dog ever. He also likes to retrieve in the  yard (frisbee more than tennis balls) but really loves hunting moles  in the snow. You wouldn't believe how many he has caught! He still  thinks he is 10lbs and fits on our lap and we haven't told him he's  wrong.  Both dogs are great with our 1 1/2 year old baby and have  been since the day we brought her home. We cant thank you enough for  our wonderful, smart, well behaved "kids".Thanks again! Heather and Pete. ps our baby's first word was "Kilo" :)

Goose/Jacy 2002 Hi Nancy, I've never given you an update since my wife and I made the best purchase of our life.  Maverick has given us so much over the last 8 Years.  He's been to North Dakota twice...did an awsome job! (Retreived over 100 ducks each trip)  He has also kicked up numerous pheasents on hunting trips here in Wisconsin.  And beleive it or not he's quite the fisherman.  My parents have a cottage up north on Legend Lake.  He's in that water the second we get up there till the second we leave.

But more importantly he has been the best family dog a person could ask for.  He is a extremely important member of our growing family and wherever WE go HE goes.  We know each other so well it's like he understands ever word that comes out of my mouth.  Anyway I just stumbled on your site and wanted to update you on our Maverick.  I'll never forget the day we came to pick him up and he was the last one left in the litter.  He was absouletly meant to be my dog.  Hope you enjoy the pictures...




Thought I would give you an update on Erin's Edge Prime Time Tucker from Goose and Jacy May 21, 2001.  Tucker is 9 1/2 now and doing great.  He has been an awesome family dog and hunting dog.  He is mellow as can be in the house and incredibly driven in the field.  He is gentle with kids and more or less tends to ignore other dogs.  He has weighed in the low 90's most of the time but should probably be in the mid to upper 80's ideally.  He hasn't had any health issues and still hunted at the top of his game last year at 8.  He has a couple of bad breaks as he lost his buddy when he was 4 and then the next year we had our first kids (twins), so he has received much less attention since then but has dealt with it pretty well.  He is an awesome pheasant dog as long as the temp is below 60 or so.  He has been to South Dakota around 20 times and flushed zillions of birds.  He hunts close and hard and is a machine in the thick stuff.  He has caught many birds on his own that did not look wounded.  He has also developed a habit of pointing birds, not textbook pointing but stopping and looking down on the spot and then pouncing when I give the go ahead.  I have had several hunters tell me he is the best pheasant dog they have hunted behind, including on some private hunts where he was hunting along side professional guide dogs.  He is passionate about duck hunting is a strong water dog.  He was breaking through ice to get ducks at 1 year old.  He has been to North Dakota about 10 times and to Arkansas once.  He has never really been as steady as I want in the blind despite lots of time working on this and still cries and whines a lot.  But he can really retrieve the ducks, including going under to get them when they dive.  I've got him fairly well trained on whistle and hand commands in the water.  The Arkansas guides said most chocolate labs down there are overweight and lazy and not good retrievers.  I told them that was not Tucker.  After he retrieved every one of our ducks through a couple hundred decoys and motion decoys he had never seen before, our guide said he was the best chocolate he had ever hunted with.  I'd say his unbelievable drive and energy is both his best and worst trait.  His has shown a great nose at times and other times not so great when we are looking for downed birds.  Overall we are very happy with Tucker and proud he is our dog.  I will be in the market for a new lab in a year or two.

I thought that I would send you a photo of Bridger (Buck/Jazz) after a long day of hunting.  This photo is about a year old now, but she still looks the same. Bridger will be turning five in January however we continue to get asked, "how old is your puppy." Someone recently asked if we had a special breed of labrador since she is so small. She is the perfect size for us especially since we share the bed with her.I always enjoy looking at your website and seeing all the other dogs.