This little guy became QAA 9-17-11 Rider! Erins Edge Roadhouse Ride Em

Puppy from outside breeding to Ben with CANDLEWOODS PAY THE PIPER (Tick daughter) Mary has repeated this breeding

Goose X Frieda son from an outside breeding  is a Target model on Halloween costumes and beds.

I've been working with a animal talent person for a couple of years now, Barbara O'Brien.  Here's her website:  http://animal-connection.com/  Many of my "dog friends" work with her on ads and some commercials.  Barbara really likes Derby, he for sure is photogenic.  A few months ago we did a job with her for 3M pet products, I'll let you know when/if Derby appears on some of their stuff!  It's really fun, the dogs do it for the treats!    Derby finished his Rally Excellent title last month and we're hoping to be ready to trial in agility sometime this winter.  We've been training for almost a year now, he loves it.  He is such a great dog, he's got such a wonderful personality and loves to work and play. 



 Looking for a Puppy Hints

 Hi Nancy.   Sam is three years old today. (Missy/Ben 2008) We had another great hunting season--25+ days in the woods and Sam and I loved every minute of it. He is without a doubt one of the best hunting dogs I have ever owned. Away from the woods, he is a laid back, easy going fool that loves life and everything in it. What a great dog!!



Cooper, Gunner and Meg, was trained by Kathy as a started dog because although he had 2 testicles, one didn't descend and he had to be neutered so he was sold as a started dog. We just finished our first duck hunting season with Cooper. He retrieved about 170 ducks and geese. He hunted for 10 days in SD and about 3 weeks in West Texas.  We are extremely happy with Cooper he is everything that you thought he would be and more.  He is a little hot but very manageable. He and Ryan have become great companions and spend a lot of time together.We could not have asked for more than we got with Cooper.  You did a great job training him. Everyone that has had the opportunity to  hunt with him was impressed and could not believe he was only a year old.  He does a great job and loves life. He is a pleasure to have around. A magnificent dog.

 Flash X FC/AFC TigerMango X AFC Tucker

Tug from outside breeding of Ben X Candlewoods Ahoy Maddy Wilkes (Pirate daughter). We recently were on a North Dakota trip for ducks and he did outstanding. The guys I was with could not believe he was 9 months, based on his size, behavior and how well he did in the field. My focus on this trip was Tug, get him as much out of the trip as possible and that's what he got. From the first day to the last you could see the difference in him, awesome!. Yes, I shot a couple ducks, but I had more fun watching and working with him. We receive lots of compliments on him!! The past month he has matured so much both mentally and physically, very noticeable. He is fun to train, be around and very smart. My family is very happy with him. He is fun to be around, very personable and great with people of all ages.Thanks for breeding such nice dogs,

Happy to announce Darleen's (Maggie/Tucker) first retrieves over decoying ducks(full limit) and looking forward to her first birthday on the first. One of her retrieves was a nice size Canvasback and two were cripples that she ran down with one trying to dive on her. She makes us very happy at home and in the field.

Tugg from outside breeding to Ben X Candlewoods Ahoy Maddy Wilks sent in by his trainer at 7 months

Last litter pups, first hunt 2011. Hi Nancy we just wanted to share some pictures with you from Tuckers first hunts. Tucker is 7 and a half months old and doing great. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thanks again. Flash/FC-AFC Tiger

Hi Nancy, First, Gwyn (Tucker x Maggie at 11 months) turned one yesterday!  Boy has the time flown by!  I attached a picture of her with that little fleece bear that you sent home with her as a pup.  Can you believe it’s still in such good shape!  She doesn’t destroy her toys or chew the squeakers out of them&ldots;amazing!  Scott continues to be thrilled with what an outstanding nose she has for birds and how birdy she is.  She just keeps getting better each time they hunt, which is almost every weekend.  I have had the pleasure of hunting with them too, and it’s fun to watch her work.  She is just gorgeous and we get comments on how pretty she is.  She is a maniac on the hunt but calm in the house (until she sees someone put on their upland pants or get the hunting stuff out).Thanks Nancy!  Happy New Year! Michelle Rishel