Hi Nancy,

I hope your New Year is off to a good start and I wanted to let you know how Sadie's doing.

We took her on her first official bird hunt last week and she did really well. She turned 1 year today and for her birthday we're taking her out again tomorrow morning...COLD!

She's in the 3rd week of her heat cycle right now, I must say she's handling it pretty well (thank god we have a carpet cleaner).

She is a wonderful dog and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for breeding such quality animals, our household wouldn't be the same without Sadie....We'll keep you posted on exciting/upcoming adventures.

Until then take care,

Tarra & Jason Gundrum Maggie/Tucker


 Cooper was sold as a started dog and trained by Kathy at Crosswinds. (Meg/Gunner)

Dear Kathy

First, I wanted to tell you that Cooper is doing great. He has taken very well to living inside and sleeping in beds but most importantly is he has become a great hunting dog.I am currently living in Texas and Coop gets to hunt every weekend and is doing a lot of goose hunting. He is able to do blinds to about 400 yards now but we still have our puppy problems sometimes. He is still trying to figure out cripples and some other real life situations. We are hunting in big groups of like 10 people so there is a lot of excitement and birds for him to deal with. I guess its all about learning!

I wanted to thank you for such a great job you did.

Maize (Meg X Tucker)Kenzie(mango x tucker)left, Maize(meg x tucker)Right

Hello Nancy,

Kyle Sahs here I was on your site last night and saw the picture of Maize and figured I would give you an update since there wasn't one! I also wanted to include a few more pictures two of which have Maize's half sister and my brothers dog Kenzie in it(mango x tucker)

Here is Maize(left) and Kenzie(right) at our lake house in the middle of a duck retrieving session! Both dogs are all we could ask for they have there differences, but you can definately tell these two are sisters! Kenzie is by far the better swimmer but she does have a big rudder of tail! Maize is a more driven swimmer if there is a duck in the water she will not be beat to it! Maize loves her ducks she has stuffed ducks and geese that she sleeps with and she has rubber training ducks that she is always looking to go after! Her reward is duck wings I have a large supply of them from the season this year! I give them to her and she is quick to show off how she grabs them throws them in the air catches them and begins to prance around the yard with them! Kenzie differs from Maize in that aspect she could really care less about ducks instead she loves antlers! My brother takes her shed hunting and she is a natural she always has deer antlers around and throughly enjoys chewing on them! This does cause a slight problem though because she will sit and stare and deer mounts or our moose mount at our cabin! Maize loves being outside she spends hours staring out our back door staring at squirrels, rabbits, ducks, and deer! Any chance she can get she chases after them and other than deer has been very successful! My wife loves taking Maize for walks and fir the most part i think Maize likes it to! All of the people in our neighborhood are amazed at how well behaved she is! They must keep their dogs on chains or leashes or electric fences in their yard and when they walk their dog/dogs they must keep them in a leash. Not Maize she knows her boundaries, and sits when told to she is well behaved and when i tell them she is only 1.5 years old they dint believe me let alone the fact that she has never been to any obedience training only me! I have had labs all my life growing up and I am happy to say that I have chosen the perfect dog for my first dog of my own! I can't thank you enough for my perfect family dog and hunting companion!

Thank you

Kyle and Lauren Sahs

Here is Cooper at 10 months. Tiger-Flash pup from last Fall.  He's doing awesome.  We are preparing him for some grouse hunting in northern WI this fall.  He's a wonderful family pet & has caught on to training & obedience very well.  Very smart & hard charger.  The entire family loves him. Thanks for having such a great breeding program.

 Bentlee Markie/Ben 2 mo. I wanted to give you an update on Bentlee! He has been a wonderful puppy! He is very eager to learn and please. He "sits" on command and is doing well on other commands too. We've had some potty accidents but i'm to blame. He's been great with kids and other dogs as well. Bentlee like you said LOVES the water. We have a tiny pool at home and he can't get enough of it. He went swimming at our cottage for the first time and it was a little scary for him with the waves but he swam like a Labrador should! Parker our 9 1/2 year old black lab doesn't like to play but Bentlee is his shadow. I hope you enjoyed the update and thank you for this beautiful and great dog!


   Duck Opener Tiger/Flash, 18 mo. Parker  about 60#. I thought I'd send you a note with an update on how he's doing. I got his obedience down in the spring and shipped him off to my trainer this summer. What he told me when I went to pick him up was that "You can usually find a dog that's eager to please, or has great drive, or is intelligent."Your dog has all three"!

 "Every one that drops off their dog tells me that their dog is intelligent, yours really is"


Hope you had a nice summer.  I just wanted to give you a quick update that you might like for your records.  Siren (out of Ben / Madison) received his Master Hunter Title this weekend.  You can add him to the list of Ben’s accomplishments.  Thanks for giving us a wonderful animal to share our lives with.  Although we will continue to run him in Hunt tests, as we are friends with so very many people in the Hunt test world, we are also training with a Field Trial group.  If all continues to go well, Jim is hoping to run him in an Owner / Handler Qualifier next year. Siren's littermate also became a MH.

  Just wanted to share Emme (11 months, Flash/Tiger on left) is doing well and had her first pheasant hunt today. Emme is very loyal and loves to hunt. Aaron Last


Attached are few photos of Nelli from her first couple of duck hunts.  (Kira/Ben, 10/11, 11 months) She has done a wonderful job finding and retrieving birds.  She is a super good girl and a perfect dog.  She only weighs 48 lbs. currently.  We love how tiny she is.  Thanks again for all your help. Mike

Nancy, I just wanted to send you another update on Nelli (Kassie).  She is an amazing dog and is unbelievably smart.  She absolutely loves hunting and working hard in the field.  She still only weighs about 50 lbs. and we don’t expect she will get much heavier.  She has learned a lot and become a very good hunting partner over her first season.  We could not be happier.Thanks,Mike Heroux



Hi Nancy, Just wanted to send you a quick update on Gunner (Mango/Tucker).  He is 10 months old now and he is a gentle giant.  He is already 80lbs, very long and leggy. We took him to his first game farm 3 weeks ago and did amazing.  He has been back there a few times and has even found some pheasants for us on the public hunting land.  Gunner is very birdy and he points before he flushes.  He also does amazing retrieving. It doesn't matter if the bird is dead or still alive and fighting, as long as he can catch it he will bring it back.  Gunner has a very soft mouth and he never crunches the birds which we really appreciate as well.  Being a bigger dog, he's a muscular power house and he barrels through and jumps over just about anything.  We are still working on getting him to sit still in the boat/blind while duck hunting, but he loves the water retrieves too!

Thank you for such a wonderful family dog and hunting dog! We'll keep you updated on future adventures.-Lynn and Chris Rozenberger


Dear Nancy and Kathy,

My husband, Tim,  took “Maggie”  (Erin’s Edge litter 5-28-11AFC Tucker/Meg)  hunting in SD last week and she did great. Kudos to Kathy and all her patience with Maggie for her training. She has done well with obedience and hunting training since picking her up in Iowa from Kathy in July.  Maggie has been a pleasure to have in the house and go hunting with our teenage sons and my husband, Tim,  on weekends at the pheasant farm in addition to SD trip.  Attached are pics of Maggie with our 10 yr old lab on the SD trip and a pic of them on our sofa at our house.(They are very spoiled.)  We sincerely appreciate all of your help with training and providing us with a wonderful companion in Maggie. We live across from a park so Maggie gets lots of exercise and socialization and on the weekends loves to visit our cabin and swim in the pond weather permitting.  In addition, she will get lots of hunting and snuggles on the couch.  She is perfect, thank you!

Sincerely, Jan and Tim Grady

 Our Gwynnie (from the Tucker and Maggie litter) turned 2 yesterday and she is not like other dogs!  She is either ‘on’ or ‘off’&ldots;get her out hunting and she is absolutely focused and goes nonstop.  Other labs want to say hello and play first&ldots;Gwyn is all business.  Get her home, and she is totally calm and relaxed.  She is excited when someone gets home and greets you, but then settles right down.  Sometimes we call her kitty because she is almost like a cat&ldots;more aloof and wise (she is really smart) than what we were used to with our previous lab, and she likes to sleep on the top of the back of the couch, like a cat!  She is a great size&ldots;not sure what she weighs now, but she was 60 pounds last spring.  I’m guessing she is 65 or so now.  Her paws are big though, so it looks like she should be bigger than she is.  Scott took Gwyn to South Dakota in December (with some friends and one other dog) and finally managed to wear her out.  She was in heaven out in SD!  The weekend after they got back, Scott took her back to his club and she flushed 5 pheasants in 45 minutes!  I was curious if her littermates are as calm as she is in the house, but as crazy about hunting in the field&ldots;have you heard from any of them?  We think we have the perfect dog!  Thanks again!  I am going to have to order more berry healthy treats again soon – those are the best! I attached a couple of South Dakota photos so you can see what she looks like now.  She and Scott are the ones in the middle of the group shot with the birds.Have a Happy New Year!

Scott and Michelle Rishel (and Gwyn)