Gauge, Kira/Ben 14 mo. 2 for 2

Hi Nancy, I just wanted to take another opportunity to say thank you for a wonderful dog. Gauge is just over a year old and has exceeded all of my expectations and a family and hunting companion.  

I've recently joined a retriever club and at the first group training session Gauge received a lot of praise regarding his natural ability. He we running with seasoned dogs that have received field trial certifications and didn't miss a beat. I will probably run him in an upcoming event to see how we do when the pressure's on. I wish I could take some of the credit, however Gauge is training me as much as I'm training him.


 Hello Nancy,Just a quick update on Tank (Ben x Flash May 6th). (Less than 6 months) You mentioned you liked to see pictures of your pups with birds so I figured I’d share Tank’s first pheasant hunt.   My plan was just to get Tank and my 11 year old (Rowdy) out in the field yesterday for an hour or so and give Tank a bit more exposure to a live bird or two.  He followed Rowdy around until the first bird was flushed and dropped and then it was like someone flipped a switch.  All of a sudden he decided he was a hunting dog.  He definitely has his dad’s nose &ldots;and wow, is he ever birdy.    He is absolutely driven and even flushed a couple birds the old veteran missed.  He must love it because he now makes his way down to the basement and takes his naps sleeping on my hunting boots.  He is progressing nicely and has been a wonderful (and affectionate) addition to the family.I’ll keep you updated.

My name is Andrew Apodaca. I purchased a Black Lab (FC Tiger X Flash) from you last september named Benelli of Saint Andrew, and wanted to send you some pictures of her.  She has been doing a great job in the field.  So for she has retrieved 51 pheasants, 4 geese, 30 doves, 47 ducks, and 20 deer sheds on the year.I couldnt be more happy with my dog.  Thank you again, she is the best addition to my family,

 Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to send you a note telling you that we could not be more pleased with our boy Finnegan. He is a (Ben-Flash pup). He was a bit trying the first few weeks as any new pup is. He is very smart and has transitioned very well into our home. He picks up on training lessons quickly and retains what he is learning. He loves the birds and retrieving, He was not real affectionate at first but he is now. We love this guy! Every morning we tell him to to go wake up our kids and he runs upstairs to wake them. It is quite comical. He is getting pretty solid on his obedience and we continue to work on that daily. Currently working on integrating the whistle with his commands and he is doing great. I have attached a photo of him out in the marsh  a few weeks ago. He absolutely love to go there. He is right around 6 months in the pic. Just wanted to thank you again. The McGraths

Update on Scout (Kira & Rider 2013) and Buddy (Kira & Ben 2011).

Hi Nancy! Just a quick note and picture to let you know that these boys are doing very well!  They are best pals and each day we find them cuddling a little closer on our bed, the floor, or the couch when they nap.  We are so happy to have two handsome boys that are well behaved and affectionate. 

Jeff & Lori Schultz