2/4 Tank (Ben/Flash) will be 9 months old in a few days and I took him on his first solo hunt today.   I left Rowdy at home so I could see what the pup could do all on his own.   He worked the field like an old veteran.  20 flushes and 18 retrieves.  He’s had a great  first season so far.  I bet he has close to 80 retrieves under his belt already.  But today he really showed his potential.  And as you can see from the photo&ldots;he is developing into quite a handsome dog.  He’s at 60lbs now and still has some filling out to do. 

Follow up at 20 months. Just a quick note to tell you again how much we enjoy Tank (as a reminder Tank is from a May 2013 litter.  Ben is his father and I think the mother’s name is Flash).  I’ve had some wonderful labs in the past, and at 20 months Tank has already developed into my best field dog&ldots; period.  And arguably the best family dog as well.  Great nose, great drive, and great control.  I have never seen a dog so driven in the field be so mild mannered and docile at home.   I couldn’t be happier with him!



 I am so thankful that I found your website. "Toby" (Juice/AFC Tucker) has been my best friend and trusty gundog for 2 years now and I can't thank you enough for the great friend you provided for me. He is by far the nicest and most trustworthy friend I could ever ask for . Thank you so much!

Jaret , Long Island New York 

Kailey (Mango x Ben) is an amazing puppy! Kailey and our 12-year old black lab (Dee-Nee) are getting along great. They play every day and are great pals. We have always had pairs of dogs and we are thinking down the road; we really don’t want Kailey to be alone so we thought now might be a good time to add another puppy to the family.

Many pups go to homes with older dogs and they get along just fine after a small adjustment

Here are some pictures of Sam (Ben/Blue) after he got his JH Title Last weekend.  He has been a pleasure to work with and everything we had hoped for. He is smart, birdy, and a hard driving  avid hunter. Looking forward to hunting season and working on SH next Spring.

Merc earned his 4th and 5th Senior passes at the Blackhawk Retriever Club to obtain his Senior title! Merc was ran by Lauren Springer and owned by Nancy Planasch! Merc's full name is now....Erins Edge We Will Rock You SH!!


Hi Nancy:, I hope all is going well in Wisconsin. Shawn and I were able to coordinate a teal hunt this year in Colorado and the dogs and hunters had a blast! It's amazing how well the brothers worked together. (brothers from Ben SH/Kira 2012) Both Shawn and I have never had such steady dogs that are excellent in both a duck blind and a pheasant field.  It was a busy summer for my family, so Gauge and I were only able to run in one trial. He did great and now has his started title. I look forward to running the seasoned tests next season as he is more than ready. Hopefully we will be able to get his upland title as well. I've attached a picture from our hunt last Sunday, Gauge is on the left and Charlie is on the right. Charlie's a little bigger and weights about 10 pounds more than Gauge. Gauge is kind of a peanut at 65lbs, however he has a more dominate personality.

I hope all is going well and thanks again for a couple of great dogs,


 Parker (Flash and FC/AFC Tiger) 3 yo. One hen mallard, one green wing teal. CT opening day


Sulley (Rider X Kira) 1 year on his first pheasant hunting trip. Sulley lives in Montana

Hi Nancy, We wanted to tell you how much everyone here loves Lucy (Rider-Diva born 8-14) She is a truly great companion for our household. We are all very happy. She gets along famously with our kids, our yellow lab, Kylie, and our two cats. Here are a couple holiday photos of the pups together. Thanks again for doing a great job with her.