We bought Diesel  (FC Dude X Diva) from you about a year and a half ago. He is the best dog ever! We live right up the road from you. Thought you might like to see updated pictures. Here is Diesel with our 9 month old daughter!


 Hi. I am send you a picture of Riley (FC Dude and Tee, FC/AFC Tiger daughter born 8-14) he is now 6 months old. How the time flew. He is a very smart and persistent puppy. He will let you know when he wants something, that for sure. He loves to play fetch all the time and goes crazy with a pheasant. It fun to watch.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on him.  Thanks again


 Nancy-I know you said that you like to hear updates on the pups so I thought being just under 1yr old (Pink Ben SH born 3-14) and finishing up his first hunting season I would let you know how Beau is doing. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful pup, he has taken very well to upland bird hunting and is a joy to hunt over. He naturally hunts close and has a nose that keeps on impressing me. I have been taking him to game farms and on our last trip he was finding and flushing birds that a 4yr old and a 2yr old guide dog had run right past. We only had the opportunity to test Beau out on the water a couple of times but he is a natural! Duck and Goose Calls put him into overdrive and he immediately starts scanning the horizon! The most impressive thing about Beau has been his ability to mark a retrieve. From the time he is very little he has had his eye on the sky!  Besides his hunting abilities he is now weighing in at just under 90#  and seems to have finally stopped growing. Again we could not be happier! Thank you Nancy for the Wonderful pup both in the field and in our home we could not be happier! If you have plans for any litters from pink that will produce Yellows in the future I would be very interested. I continue to check your site every few months just in case.

Thank You for your support after bringing Beau home as well as producing such a great pup!

Justin & Samantha Bohl



I thought you may want an update on one of your pup's! My fiancee bought a beautiful little chocolate from you last May, (Kat/Rider QAA 4-14) we have named him Benelli. Benelli is nearing his first birthday in April and we could not be more delighted than to share our life with this handsome little guy. The vet is predicting that he will weigh in at about 60 pounds when he is done growing! He is going to be an outstanding Duck dog :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. He is simply amazing. Please see attached pictures of Beni at various stages over the last 10 months. (Pictures: 1. Beni the night Andy gave him to me. (8weeks) 2. Beni with his adoptive mother, Maci, a greyhoud. (14 weeks) 3. Beni at christmas, he will hold onto anything we give him and follow us around with it. (9 months)

Hi Nancy, Arna (Merc SH X Blue 11-13-14) had her first hunt test today. She passed with flying colors. She is so much fun. Not bad for 7 months and 1 day.














We got our 4 pass this weekend. (8-10) 4 passes4 test. Arna was the youngest dog at each event. So much fun. She's great in the house, with the kids, and everywhere else we go. I can't wait to actually get to hunt with her this fall. She is so smart , she usually learn a new concept with one or two small corrections.  She can already run simple doubles, and 80 yard blinds. She is starting to handle




Mia, 13 1/2 years old. Aggie/Goose 2002. Attached is a recent picture of her (take earlier this summer).  She has just been an amazing dog.  We really could not ask for a more loving and obedient dog.  Thank you Nancy, Erin’s Edge. 


 Macy is 8 months old today!!! (Kat X Goose MH 3-10-2015). We love her beyond belief! She has progressed very rapidly in all her training for obedience and hunting. I have a few guide friends who have 6 - 8 month old pups and they still are not hunting their pups and are slow in the training process. Macy has hunted 10 days beginning at 6 and a half months old. She has done very well. A couple days, she acted like she has hunted for a couple years. I can not say enough that I believe she will be a very special hunter in years to come. In a couple weeks, we will be taking her to South Dakota to hunt and put her on thousands of birds, literally. Wanted to give you a quick update and send a couple pictures. We will get some good pictures in the coming months and keep you updated.

Thanks so much for a great little girl!

Jeff Cummings

Hello-I just got back from a 3 day hunt in South Dakota with Turbo and wanted to update you on the dog we got from you.  We got a  chocolate male from you around Jan 7 (Juice x Mud).  I think he was born Nov 11. This is our second dog from you. My wife and I came with our 3 young boys on that cold January day and picked the second most active out of the litter.  You talked us out of the most active, which is good because this guy has plenty of energy.  Even with 2.5 acres to run around on, I get up at 5 am every day to take him for a walk at Homestead Hollow and follow that up with training and an afternoon walk or jog to burn some of his energy.  While being a little active for the house and having an unstoppable appetite, this guy is an incredible hunter for not even being a year old.  We started hunting him at Jackson Marsh when pheasant season opened to make sure he would be ready/ok to take to South Dakota for my annual hunt.  He was plenty ready.  He had boundless energy, flushing, retrieving, and finding downed birds.  One of the highlights was watching him run down and win a foot race on a winged bird that had a 70 yard head start on him.  Despite all his energy, he stays really close, in gun range and quarters really well.  He never got out of range rarely required me to use the e-collar.  Overall, he is a really good dog, especially once he settles down a little and look forward to many great hunting seasons with him.  He has exceeded my hunting expectations for the first year.

Attached is a pic from a short hunt at the Jackson Marsh where he flushed a pheasant and did two retrieves on the ducks, including one blind retrieve.

Thanks, Nick


Mally hunting on Nov 15th after pups weaned a week.: 8 Mallards, 2 widgeons, 1 Gadwell, 1 Pigtail, 2 Teals, 1 Bluebill, 1 Shoveler

Ole, Diva/RiderRig, Mango/Ben


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December 21, 2015  

Cuddlin' with my boys. Nothing like coming home for Christmas. ?#?mooseandbear?

Tangier and Merc brothers 

  I will be going to Face Book Erins Edge Labradors for 2016 and beyond Updates.

Teddy, Kat X Goose, 11 months at Dynamic Retrievers, Owned by Kim Pfister