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Sorry no pick-ups any more unless you are coming for a Puppy too.

 This is a list of products that is left for puppy owners and previous customers. You will receive an invoice through Paypal for the cost of the product plus shipping and Sales Tax in Wisconsin. The price below is for the product only except when noted by an *. Shipping has to be calculated with your address and zip code. If cheaper, I will use flat rate priority. Please send me an email with what you want, how many, and your complete address.

 Many of these products are highly discounted so take advantage.

25% off $100 total purchase (plus shipping)

Shipping is exactly what USPS charges. There are no discounts on shipping.

If a treat order can fit in a Medium Sized Flat Rate box for 6 # of treats that is cheapest for treats

 (Except Healthy Cheezy Antioxidant Treats, Fido-Vite, Insecticide, Purple Ear solutions which are 10% off all for Puppy buyers.)



 Fido-Vite Products

See for info on Ingredients

 Fido-Vite is a complete canine vitamin mineral supplement to complement your regular dog food designed to improve allergy type symptoms, loose stools, arthritis, coat, reproduction, and overall well-being. 

  15# and 25# 

Free Shipping from Fido Vite 

on their website






  Erins Edge Berry Healthy Cheezy Antioxidant Dog Treats

Custom Made by Pedigree Ovens

Cranberries, Blueberries, Mangos, Carrots, Cheddar Cheese,Oat Flour, Rice Flour, Stabilized Rice Bran, Oats, and Vitamin E made in a Heart Shape

 1#                                                 $4.50

3#                                              $13.00

5#                                       $20.00

10#                                      $38.00

 10% off for Puppy Buyers


Erins Edge Hypoallergenic Fish & Potato Treats

Custom Made by Pedigree Ovens

Rye Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Rice Bran, Dried Fish, Flax, and Garlic

3#                                        $5

5#                                        $8

10#                                       $12


15# plus postage                    $15

6# mix of 3# each of Fish, and Berry $15     in Flat Rate box+ postage







Seatec Canine Wellness 1lb

 Supplement for a Healthy Immune System for every dog and also dogs with cancer. Contains Phyto-Nutrients and Antioxidants missing in commercial foods.

Hawaiian Spirulina, Canadian Flax Seed, Norwegian Kelp, Ester C, Beta-Carotene, B vitamins, Powerful Anti-oxidants, GLA to reduce inflammation.


$ 11.95

One can fit in a small flat rate box

Seatec Senior Joint Formula 1lb

 Same as Wellness for older pets for increased Joint Flexibility and Energy


Same as Wellness but also containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for improved joint mobility


One can fit in a small flat rate box



Original Purple Power Ear Solution

Original Formula

70% Alcohol, Boric Acid,Gentian Violet, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, and Eucalyptus Oils

Discontinue Use Immediately if redness or Irritation Occurs.

For External Use only. Will Stain so Apply Outside

 8 Oz Bottle        $10.95

16 Oz Bottle        $19.95

Sensitive Ear Purple Power Wash

Sensitive Formula

Vet Solutions, Aloe Vera Gel, Gentian Violet, Almond and Eucalyptus Oils

 Discontinue Use Immediately if redness or Irritation Occurs.

For External Use only. Will Stain so Apply Outside


 8 Oz Bottle         $14.95

16 Oz Bottle        $23.95


Probiotic Power

Probiotic Power is a water soluble stabilized powder containing a concentrated source of Live, naturally occurring Microorganisms including  Lactobacillus  acidophillus DDS-1, plus 4 other Lactobacilli and Vitamins. It helps maintain proper gut flora and digestion during times of stress.

Feed during times of stress such as ration changes, birth, weaning, shipping, weather changes, and after Antibiotic therapy to manage stress, improve digestion, and maintain normal appetite.

Contain 60 Billion CFU by Vets Plus.

4 Oz Container       $8.95

8  OZ                    $12.95

16 OZ                    $15.95

Cran Plus

For re-occuring UTI's   $12



 Mighty Petz Max Urinary Health with Cranberry, D-Mannose and probiotics all in one Treat. $23







Erin's Edge Insecticide

 Dilute concentrate 1:3 and spray on dog as needed, especially after being in water. Will repel flies, ticks, mosquitos, and fleas. Do NOT use on cats, toy dogs, or pregnant animals. Use 1:2 in heavy tick areas

Safe for Pups over 12 weeks

 Contains Neem, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Cironella, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Peppermint in carrier oils of Grape Seed, Jojoba, and Almond.

8 oz dk blue spray bottle                                            ready to fill with water $7.95

4 oz undiluted              $5.95



Training and Field


15' Cotton Training Lead

 15' X 5/8" 

Green, Black                    $6.00


  Metro Crate Fan       $7.00


Protecta-Pad                $3.50

All Weather Muttluks

Excellent Prices on Muttluks!

All Weather Muttluks provide protection for hot or cold climate conditions. Protects paws from hot pavement, hot sand, burrs, ice, snow or salt.

Self-tightening straps provide a secure fit. Reflective straps for nighttime visibility. Genuine leather soles for a soft flexible fit. Comfortable adjustable stretchy leg cuff.

Made in Canada

Machine washable

Nylon exterior available in black, camo or yellow



Small Yellow                                     $25

Medium Black                                    $30

Large  Yellow                                      $35

Large Black                                          $35

LargeCamo                                           $35                                                                          

Fleece Lined Muttluks

Fleece Lined Muttluks featuring a fleece inner lining which keeps paws warm and cozy in cold weather conditions.  Machine washable

Self-tightening straps provide a secure fit. Reflective straps for nighttime visibility. Genuine leather soles for a soft flexible fit. Comfortable adjustable stretchy leg cuff

Medium Green                                    $30

Medium Blue                                       $30

Medium Purple                                     $30

Medium Camo                                       $30

Large Black                                            $35

Large Camo                                            $35










Comfort Zone Water Repellent Bed

 Water repellent cover in green or blue that open and closes with velcro for easy machine washing. Foam is two inch convoluted foam for comfort.



Available Colors: Green

Large 24" X 36"                   $30.00



Mendota Check Cords

30' X 3/8" Trainer         $14.95

50' X 3/8" Trainer         $15.95

30' X 1/" Pro                  $15.95

UV coated for durability Hard finish - repels burs, gentle on the hands Will not stretch Bright yellow color Floats for water training

Super Cord 7/16 X 30' Yellow $17.95

Super Cord 7/16 X 30' Yellow $17.95


British Slip Leads by Mendota

4' in Black, Dark Brown, Hunter Green, Orange, Blue, Harvest, Sunset, Parfait, Black Confetti, Kelly Confetti, Purple Confetti, Mocha Twist

6' in Black, Dark Brown, Hunter Green, Blue, Harvest, Tan, Parfait, Black Confetti, Kelly Confetti, Purple Confetti, Raspberry Confetti, Mocha Twist, Woodlands Twist, Seafoam Twist


4'                                         $11

6'                                          $13

8'  Dog Walker                      $15     

Mendota Dog Walker &

Big Dog Walker

This martingale style leash and collar in one is designed for exercise, training, show and field. The soft and pliable neck band is accented with brass rings. All of the materials used are colorfast and anti-corrosive and are combined with an oil-tanned leather accents for a classic look.

Available in 6 foot length 

  Made in USA

•3/8 in Neck Band - Fits neck sizes 12 in to 18 in

Sunset, Blue, Parfait

•1/2 in Neck Band - Fits neck sizes 16 in to 30 in

Black, Hunter Green, Blue, Kelly Confetti

3/8"                                             $13

1/2"                                              $14

Mendota EZ Trainer 

The Mendota EZ-Trainer Lead/Leash was designed in cooperation with a leading dog trainer of obedience and field. Through a program of repeat training, this product makes training EZ.

 1/2" x 8' Over 50 lb                        $15.95

Green & Black


Timberwolf Quick Hitch

All Timberwolf Leashes are handcrafted in our factory using high-quality, double-braided (climbing rope style) rope, high-quality hardware and, depending on style, our exclusive rubber grip handles.

7/16 -66 "  in Pink, Purple,Hunter Green, Brown, & Burgundy.       $15.95

5/16-66" Blue                         $11.95

5/16-42" Blue and Burgundy     $9.95

1-7/16 Green Lead with clip                $10

1-5/16 Blue Lead with Clip  $8                


Timberwolf Dual Lead with clips

7/16-6' Blue, Burgundy, Black   $28.00

5/16-6' Blue, Black, Pink           $25.00


  Martingale collars


Black, Burgundy, Blue                $7


Blue Burgundy                           $8


Spot the Dog Vests and booties

Reflective Vests for all sizes of dogs, and all kinds of adventures - our Spot the Dog vest is full-coverage and waterproof, made of nylonn Made in Maine

XSmall                                                $18.00                                          

Small                                                   $20.00  

Medium                                                $24.00

Large                                                    $26.00

XLarge                                             $28.00

XXLarge                                           $30.00

Medium Boots                                   $22.00

Large Boots                                        $25.00

Columbia Womens Shooting Shirt        $20

L, XL -Khaki/Olive

L  Olive/Khaki


Columbia Challenger Shirt XXL (one)     $15        

Evo Self Cleaning Slicker Brush            $7


Camo Ducks Unlimited Collars, Leads

Large Buckle Advantage Wetlands,

Mossy Oak   $6            

Large Adjustable Wetlands, Mossy Oak, Advantage                             $6

XLarge Adjustable Advantage        $6

Advantage, Mossy Oak Lead       $6          


Safari Self Cleaning Slicker      $4

Bergan Airline Carrier Large            $30

Toys and Stocking Stuffers with Great Prices. Some only one of a kind

      Bullfrog                  $12   


 Puppy Activity Ball

Small          $4 



Kong on rope for water                $4

Catarpilar        $12     

 Mud Magnet Paw Cleaner   (1)         $6

  Paw Paw Wild Tails   

 Racoon, Fox, Skunk             $5


Original Water Wubba          $10





  Chewish Animals     

Ostrich, Fish, Chicken, Hippo, Bird, Ant, Donkey

Goat, Bark Mitzvah toy

$5  3 for $10, 6 for $18 assorted

 Pet Quirks X-Tire animal sounds, with or without X-tire

Small X-Tire sounds                 $6            

Large X-tire  sounds                $8

Blinky X-Tire Large                  $7

Small Animal Sounds                 $4

Large Animal sounds                  $6

    Woof Stocking    $4

 Gorilla or Tiger Tire Buddies  $2.95               


 Brown Trout Stationary 20 notes          $2.00                      

Golden Retriever Country, Black Retriever Country, Black Lab Country, German Shepherd, Black Lab Puppy peeking, 3 black Labs




Puppy Cuddle Pal 

Microwavable                                $5



Cinder Lab Doorstop     $12 

Rubber Chicken     $4                                 


Gear Bone, very hard

Medium $5   Large     $7



 Spunky Spider

Jumbo                                                    $12

XLarge                                                     $8

Assorted $1.50 or 

5 for $5



Mallard, Goose, Pheasant  (1)                       $7

Canvasback                                              $5

Geckos                   $3.00

 Glow Bone $6              

 Towels by Fiddlers Elbow

Chocolate or Yellow 1                              $5

 Yellow or Golden Retriever 2                    $10                                                                                           

Dangley Bear, Coon, Dog, Bear                                                     $5.00

 Plush White Polar Bear with Red Scarf. No picture



  Flags                   $12

Yellow, Black, Golden Retriever                 $12                              

Freeze Bone          

 Small $2    Large $3


Plush Candy Toy                   $3

  Door Mats             $10

Chocolate, Yellow, German Shepherd, 

Golden on Mat, Golden with Riding boots   $12

German Shepherd Family  $6

Chew and Train Assorted   $6


Pupper Weights        $2.50

Chocolate, Yellow, Black, Golden

 Latex Christmas-4         $4

 White Polar Bear with Red Scarf-no picture                           $6

Socks by For Bare Feet made in Indiana

 Black Lab,

2 types up and roll down


 Yellow Lab

3 Labs on White

One Pair of white socks, $3.50

5 pair for $12 white socks only

10 pair $20

These 3 white Lab socks only

 Erin's Edge Sock


Erins Edge Gray


3 for $10

Slipper Sock Paws

Slipper Horse Chores

Non-Skid  $6

 Priceless Dog          $3.50

 Supplements & Supplies

Waterless Bath 16.9oz   

By Natural Chemistry        $6



Homeo-Pet various $3 SALE

5 mixed for $10

Skin & Itch   1

Skin & Seborrhea   1

Digestive Upset   2

Nose   1

Hot Spots   1

Trauma    3

Anxiety (Thunderstorm)   2

Anxiety Travel   1

Anxiety General   3





EMT Gel                                             $9



Guillotine Nail Clippers, light duty

Master Grooming Tools             $3


Excel Adult Enervite                                 $3



YuckBy NaturVet            

16 oz  only $7


Kelp  By NaturVet   $7


Skunk Free By Earth's Balance   $5



Ergonomic Nail Trimmer, heavier duty,   $5


 Doggonit  By Earth's Balance  $6



 Brakefast Bowl  Small only $5


Dander Free By Earth's Balance   $5


Fast Bath     by NaturVet    $5



Instant Relief Shampoo for Arthritic Dogs

By Espree  $5 only one




Bitter Orange Skin Lotion             $4


Puppy Shampoo 20 oz

By Espree   $6



Pet Solution Rx  By Earth's Balance  $7



Paw Power 8" Dog Dish               $6

Lighted Tag Lights                         $4

Herbal Allergy Relief  Doc Ackerman            $6

4 for  $15



Up and Out Large lift Harness only one

Outward Hound                        $10


Fooey Bitter Spray 16 oz                $6

Extreme Boots Small                        $6

XXXSmall                                       $5

12 X 15 Heating Pad, no shut off

 Sunbeam Health at Home        $10


Quiet Moments Calming Aid, 60 tabs

By NaturVet           $3 all 4  for $10


 Dog  First Aid Pocket Manual            $7











Shampoo and Grooming


Jeffers® Captivating Citrus Shampoo

 All-natural formula contains the natural oils of aloe, Pennyroyal, eucalyptus, and coconut to condition and reduce tangling.  Also contains 5% d-Limonene.  


Directions: Dilute 1 part concentrate with 8 parts water.  Work shampoo into coat and rinse thoroughly.

Naturally deodorizes, leaving a clean, Fresh citrus scent. 

Safe for puppies over 6 weeks

8 Oz Bottle             $3.95

16 Oz Bottle             $7.95



Citrilux Shampoo


5% d-Limonene, Extract of Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus Oil, Aloe Vera, Pennyroyal and Coconut Oils, Sea Salts, Citric Acid, and Natural Citrus Essence


New Formula full strength.

Safe for Puppies over 12 weeks. 

Naturally Repels Insects. 

For more Repellant order with Neem

8 Oz Bottle              $4.95


Extremely Fragrant Spray On Shampoo by NaturVet



Pina Colada

12oz                        $3.




Flake Away Dandruff Shampoo by NaturVet

8 oz                         $3.95

16 Oz                       $6.95


Zymox Shampoo     $14



Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo by Espree

Espree® Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo is the all-natural way to care for pets’ skin and coats. Contains no pesticides and is ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Coconut Oils, Panthenol, Jojoba, and Vitamins A, D, and E.

Tearless for pups

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 16:1.

8 oz                         $3.95

16 oz                        $6.95

 M+lacaid Shampoo by Espree

M+Lacaid Shampoo is a medicated veterinarian formula for dry skin disorders. Aids in relief of Flea-Bite Dermatitis, Hot Spots, Itching, Scratching, Razor Burn and Hair Loss. A therapeutic, pH balanced treatment for skin & coat restoration,  Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial

Contains 30% Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Salicylic Acid, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 5:1.


8 oz                         $3.95

16 oz                        $6.95

 Baby Powder Shampoo

Powder fresh scent, Ideal for sensitive skin

Cleans all coat types and leaves a long-lasting baby powder fresh scent. Gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens and also ideal for pets with sensitive skin.

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 16:1



8 oz                         $2.95

 16 oz                        $5.00


Vanilla Eggnog Shampoo

With natural, essential oil fragrances for long-lasting aroma

Gently cleans without stripping natural oils


Our Pet Effects™ Holiday Collection Shampoos leave coats soft and clean with a delicious holiday scent

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 16:1

8 oz                         $2.95

16 oz                        $5.00


Sugar Cookie Shampoo

With natural, essential oil fragrances for long-lasting aroma

Gently cleans without stripping natural oils



Our Pet Effects™ Holiday Collection Shampoos leave coats soft and clean with a delicious holiday scent

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 16:1


8 oz                         $2.95

16 oz                        $5.00


Hot Chocolate Shampoo

It features a delicious sweet chocolatey scent and is infused with essential oils

•Leave coats ultra-clean, soft, lustrous, and pets smelling wonderfully

•Gentle enough for daily use


Our Pet Effects™ Holiday Collection Shampoos leave coats soft and clean with a delicious holiday scent

Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Dilutes 16:1



8 oz                         $2.95

16 oz                        $5.00