LIMITED PUPPY GUARANTEE (abbreviated form, complete guarantee available upon request)

1. Pup is guaranteed against hip dysplasia until 26 months.

  a. X-rays must be performed without anesthesia or I will not accept the reading if it indicates dysplasia. Discussion below.

  b. You must notify me within 15 days of the x-ray if it indicates dysplasia and prior to any treatment, and send the X-ray with a check for $30  to my vet for a reading. If the X-ray shows malpositioning, you must have the X-rays retaken at your expense and resubmitted again without anesthesia. If there is a dispute between specialists,  Spring Harbor, Madison, WI. will have final ruling.

  c. NEW: It is in the best interest of your pet's health to wait to spay or neuter until pups are 75% grown. This is especially true with working retrievers where the early spay or neuter will cause longer bone growth leading to a different conformation of your dog's rear resulting in possible skeletal changes resulting in Hip Dysplasia or ACL injuries. The premier authority on reproduction, Dr Hutchinson, recommends to hold off spaying until 2 months after the first heat cycle and to neuter later also (about one year). All further guarantees will be null and void if a dog is spayed or neutered before 8 months of age.  I realize that some veterinarians will object to this age but my females tend to mature late and they will be fine if they grow up a little before sterilizing and I believe in moderation until more conclusive studies are performed. Females with inverted vulvas also may have lifelong problems and urinary tract infections if spayed before the first heat.

2. Pup is guaranteed against inherited, not acquired eye disorders only, until 12 months of age with the exam performed by a Canine Ophthalmologist only and PRA until 5 years. PRA is not common in field dogs. Retinal Dysplasia is not covered under the Limited Registration since the pup is not to be bred. If there is a dispute between specialists, Animal Eye Clinkc in Denmark, WI. will have the final ruling.

3. If the pup is dysplastic or exhibits inherited eye disorders, I will replace the pup with one of equal value (your purchase price) or the purchase price may be applied toward a pup of higher value.  If a replacement is not wanted and you want to keep the dog, half the purchase price is refundable. Submit verification from your vet on his letterhead that the X-rays were performed without anesthesia, that the dog was spayed or neutered after 8 months of age, and send the AKC papers signed back to me as owner showing Erins Edge was used in the registered name.

4. All replacement charges will be assumed by the purchaser such as shipping, health certificate and crate. The buyer reserves the right to a second opinion, Spring Harbor or Animal Eye Clinic and if agreement cannot be reached, the dog must be returned to the seller.

5. This guarantee is null and void if the ownership has been transferred, the dog has been used for breeding purposes, or if the AKC registered name does not contain the words Erins Edge. Claims against this limited guarantee will be for replacement only.

6. All dogs are sold in good faith and no dog is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance such as brood bitch, stud dog, show dog, field trial, or hunt test competitor.

7. Pups with Limited Registration are guaranteed against hip dysplasia and PRA which causes physical problems but not retinal dysplasia, which is a defect that affects breeding only and not vision. EIC and CNM carriers are healthy dogs and this also is important in breeding animals. Erin's Edge will not produce affected EIC and CNM dogs after these tests were available.

8. NEW If you were issued Limited Registration at the time of purchase, you understand you may not breed the dog, and I am the only person that can change the registration to full. You must also be Approved. To change the registration from Limited to Full, submit OFA hips and elbows, CERF, and CNM (Myopathy) and EIC numbers if needed, your Senior Hunter certificate or better, and a check for $200 PRIOR to breeding. You must also be approved to have knowledge to breed in a responsible manner. Having a litter for your kids to see puppies born is not a good reason. If the dog is bred on limited registration, you will nullify the guarantee and you will have to sell the pups without papers unless you notify me in write of the circumstances as soon as possible. I reserve the right not to issue full papers if no health certs are done, if the mate does not have an OFA number, if the breeding was not witnessed, or if I feel the owner has or will breed in an irresponsible manner or choose a mate that will not have health certs.

9. If you are unable to keep your dog, I wish to be contacted. Do not surrender your dog to a shelter, rescue, or place the dog indiscriminately. Think about the dog first. I will place the dog in a home that is best for the dog, not for the most money, and IF I receive any money it will be refunded to you minus the AKC registration transfer fees.

10. Any decision to vary from this agreement is entirely up to the breeder and I must agree to any alteration in writing before you take any action.

11. I will no longer be selling dogs on Full registration until certs are done at 2 years. If you want an EIC clear dog you must pay for the testing.

11. You must returned the signed and dated guarantee within 2 weeks to activate the guarantee. Failure to sign and return it will nullify the guarantee.


OFA without anesthesia. OFA CAN be performed without anesthesia. If you are satisfied with the result then all is well. However, if the result shows dyplasia on one or both sides then it must be verified by Dr Morris Link of Madison, WI. or performed without anesthesia to get a replacement. I am aware OFA recommends chemical restraint, but doesn't require it, and that is for the dogs' safety to prevent excess exposure to radiation through repeated x-rays from malpositioning. In the same manner, dogs are also malpositioned when they are anesthetized. Veterinarians that voluntarily do OFA's without anesthesia usually have greater expertise in performing these procedures. Go to a Veterinarian that performs many of these procedures and you will get a better reading than one from a vet that does 1 a month. It can make a big difference in your OFA rating, especially if you get a fair. I have instituted this policy because of my liberal guarantee and the fact that my rate of hip dysplasia to date is less than half of a percent. However, in the last 10 years, several times a year I am called and told dogs were x-rayed and found dysplastic. Upon re-x-ray or consultation with Dr Link, only one has been verified with the owner admitting the dog had an injury on the side that showed mild dysplasia. On the basis of his honesty, which concerned my breeding program, he received a replacement. I am not unopposed to a mild tranquilizer as long as the dog is aware and registers to pain. Here is a list of Veterinarians across the U.S. that perform hip x-rays without anesthesia

Pup Pick-up: Some breeders pick and place the pups the way they feel will best suit the buyers; others ask buyers to pick the pups out at 4 weeks, or from pictures. I prefer the buyer have input into picking his pup and be able to pick them out before they go home when their personalities are more developed. Since most hunters want their pups at 7 weeks, every effort must be made for everyone to reserve 7 weeks as a pick-up date to be fair for all involved. If you are unable to come at that time, a puppy will be picked for you, for your purposes, in the same manner that they are picked when they are shipped. You may come earlier and pick out the puppy if you are unable to pick the puppy on the 7 week date, or indicate one of several pups if you have a later pick. If the pups are born Sunday or later the pick-up date will be moved to the following weekend. All puppies shipped will be after 8 weeks. There is a $100 charge for shipping besides the airline charge.