Zink. From Kita and Goose DOB 4-26-00 First hunting season.


I thought I would give you an update on Zink now that hunting season is about over. He did a great job and retrieved over 50 ducks. He gets very intense when I blow a call and loves to keep an eye in the sky. He minds very well in and out of the boat and is a joy to take hunting. I have had many people compliment me on his demeanor and are surprised to find out how young he is. I would like to get him "finished" in terms of training (blind retrieves, hand signals,etc.) and would like to send him away during late spring -early summer so I could have him back in the early fall (Sept.) for the beginning of hunting season. He is quite intelligent so I know it won't take much and with us having an acre pond right behind our house it is quite easy to work with him daily. Thanks again for breeding a great dog and companion. The kids love him a bunch and he enjoys playing with them!

2001 Update He is very obedient and well mannered and does a wonderful job in the field. He did a great job this fall despite it being a very tough year of duck and goose hunting. He even made a trip with us to Arkansas. He continues to learn more everyday and looks forward to this fall as much as I do! He is very enjoyable to have around.



 Hoot, Maggie/Roady loves his birds


 Jacy/Roady at 7 months, sent on a cold April 1st with ice.

Just thought you would like to know how Mocha is doing. We spoil her pretty good and we love her. She is retrieving hard, even blind and in the water. Still working with her every day. We had her out swimming yesterday for the first time and she is definitely a water dog. I am attaching a few pictures for you. Thanks for the great pup.



Halle, Jacy/Roady  

9/01Well Halle passed her first Juniors!

 Halle did just great! She drove deep on her first mark, but she worked her way back ( and after 55 birds were dropped before hers, I'd say it was great work. There were 84 dogs ran in one stake!) The bird was still alive once she did retrieve it, and she seemed a little leery of it's flapping, she spit it out at my feet and at first didn't want to pick it up. (we'll be working on that) But, she just nailed every mark after that. She is absolutely great on her water marks. She could've had a little cheating situation on her third, but didn't, just went straight out and straight back. She had a very long land into water mark for her fourth bird and once she got to the water she was half way to the bird before she hit! She was so pumped! She just got better after each one.


>She went four straight!!

Halle passed 5 in a row. Kim started Halle's training and sent her to Kathy Swab. Halle impressed the judges wherever she went, with her drive and desire, especially in the water. Kim will be running SH next year.

Sadie, Aggie/Goose

 Sadie is a great addition to our family. She is very laid back, what you might call a real couch potato, but definitely a pistol when it comes to retrieving. She has excellent marking abilities for a young dog. And LOVES retrieving in water.Thanks for another great dog! Kim Update 6/02. Sadie passed her 1st Junior with a yipee but will stay in training for field trials. See 2003 new pics

 Anna, Roady/Jacy puppy from August 2000, got her first started pass saturday at Kelly Farms, Minnesota, the second youngest dog to do so. I wanted to give you the news and tell you how happy I've been with this dog.She's always been healthy, a fast learner, and very affectionate. I need to do alot more work with her, of course, but she appears to have a bright future. I could'nt ask for a more enthusiastic dog, in fact, my immediate concern with her training now is to get her to settle down a bit and focus more on hand delivery, obedience, ect. Her marking is exeptional. Update 2002: She's a hunting and retrieving fanatic in the field, yet very mild mannered in the house. This year of hunting she has really started coming into her own. We hunted and flushed well over 100 birds and somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 were shot over her this fall. She gets the big picture and has become a great asset to my hunting team. I look forward to many more productive years with her.

Sydney, Roady/Jacy. We wanted to send you a picture of Sydney. She's a pup from Roady & Jacy and is about 8 months in this picture. We've been so happy with her. She's weighing in at close to 80 lbs! Her favorite thing to do is go swimming. If there is water around, Sydney's in it. She's been pheasant hunting and she flushed, but wasn't sure what to do after that! That's ok, now we know what to work on this summer. We want to thank you for the great pup and we're looking forward to getting a puppy for Sydney!


 Abbey Road, Kita/Roady


Abbey duck hunted at 7 months and is great with kids.

Prime Time Tucker, Jacy/Goose,

Tucker is beautiful, intelligent and has a wonderful personality. He never bit or chewed and house trained very quickly. He has been excellent with children and babies around the neighborhood. Everybody loves Tucker. We are grateful to have such a special addition to our family, and we're glad we chose Erins Edge for our pup.

  Tucker 10 months


Buster, Maggie /Cash at 3 months old.

I took Buster to a hunt test today to see what go's on at them. We had a ball but the fun part came at the end. Thats when they had a call for all puppies up front the next thing I knew Buster and I were standing with about 15 other guys with there puppies. Not sure what was going to happen we slipped to the middle of the line to watch a couple first. When it came our turn the man asked bumper or duck I choose bumper since Buster has never retrieved a duck. He called us to the line I got down to hold buster then a man about 30 yards away starts a hootin and wavin his arms Busters ears perked up his tail started going then the guy threw the bumper. Buster ran after that bumper like never before did a flip trying to pick it up that got a chuckle from everybody and thats when Buster knew everybody was watching him. He looked around a little and ran back with the bumper happy as could be. The guy said one more so we did it again only this time when he brought back the bumper he pranced all the way back everybody laughed and cheered him on. Then the guy says we got to try a duck so we get ready he starts a hootin and wavin and throws the duck. Buster takes off but when he gets there he sniffs a little then looks at me I yell fetch he trys to pick it up he cant get a hold of it he looks back again i yell fetch it up again he gos back to trying again but cant get it picked up so then he starts dragging back to me backwards everybody cheered him on he loved it! So Buster got his first ribbon and made us proud


Buster at his first hunt test 10 mo.

He has been doing great with training he starts running hunt tests in 3 weeks. last weekend he came home for a vist and is still the perfect house dog. even after 2 mo. living outside with the trainer. Update 6/02. Well its been a couple weeks ago now but Buster got his HR title. The last weekend he was just smokin the test's. He came home for the summer for some R&R but we are still going to train on weekends with the trainer, Buster just loves to work I dont think he could stand stopping cold turkey.

 Beo, Suzy/Goose

Just a note , I wanted you to know that every day that I have "BEO" (Beowoof) he brings laughter, joy and great pleasure to my day. Beo is such a pleasure to own, he is kind natured, loving and oh so bright and tractable. He is constantly under foot, and I wouldnt have it any way. He loves the water, loves to play, and flops down and falls asleep like a tired infant.


Rosie, Jacy/Goose

I thought you might like to see some of the pictures we have captured of Rosie...she is now registered as Erin's Edge Diamond Rose. She is a joy and growing fast! I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy her!


Erin's Edge Scoobie-Doo Born Feb. 11th, 1999

  6 mo 4 yrs

This is Erin's Edge Scoobie-Doo. He is one of Mariah and Booker's pups. He lives with us in Boston and loves to run at the Arboretum where he romps in the streams and tosses 'logs' (not sticks) in his mouth. He has a personality that is beyond compare, and is just like Scooby-Doo©, a super sleuth who loves to investigate where to find the best stick for him to fetch. He is REALLY, the best dog/friend, my husband and I have! We love him! Can't wait until we are in the position to get another one, we will be in contact with you! Update We have moved to a house with a lot of land and a pool. It is hard to keep him out of there, so we go to the lake across the street. We have got a lot of snow (for Boston) which makes him very happy! He loves to catch snowballs and dive into the snow banks. Here are a couple of pictures from winter and summer.


 Tango & Tootsie, Cash/Grace

Nancy, thought I'd drop you a line and say what a pleasure it was doing business with you. The pup, Tango, is as good a pup as there is. She's as mellow a puppy as one could want, but alert and using her nose all of the time. After 2 days home she's almost housebroken and a real pleasure for sure. Here's a picture of her with Tootsie, our 8 1/2 year old Lab...both sure to be best of friends in the years to come. I'll keep you posted on her progress.