Pictures are posted only about once a week so the whole sequence of the litter can be seen. Try not to over read pictures as far as big, little, dark, light or eliminate puppies because I have no idea which ones they are anyway with them wiggling and the difficulty in taking pictures of puppies with a slow digital camera and difficult lighting conditions. Just enjoy them. Please don't pick out your puppy from them

 Unfortunately I have had to change my policy regarding checks. You can send a check for a deposit and it will be cashed before you receive your puppy, but please make the final payment in cash when you pick up your puppy, (the balance plus 5.6% sales tax) or send a check 2 weeks before you pick up your puppy. Thank you for understanding. The puppy must be paid in full to hold the puppy past the pick up date.

   You can also send money through Paypal using your credit card. Select  Friends and Family only


Pups will be on Purina Pro Plan Active Sport Natural Turkey & Barley Formula All Life Stages 33-lb bag

The Protein, Fat, and Calcium contents are correct for Large Breed puppies and I like the ingredients. My dog in training with Timber Ridge Retrievers also get Pro Plan and have grown well. If you have a favorite food, and Fromms is one, you may switch if you like after 2-3 weeks of being on the Pro-Plan, to get pups past the stress of going into their new homes. You can also choose to use the Pro-Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy but it has corn has it. Free Shipping, but you must meet their minimum of $49.  Amazon has it.

Some Petsmarts have it. Go to Petsmart website, find the food, put in your zipcode, and it will tell you the store.

Pet World in Menomonee Falls has it 

July:The packaging has changed to Active Sport Turkey and Barley but it's the same product. 

Pink X Drake QA2, 8 pups born 2-2-18

 1 day1 wklil guy

2 weeks

Black Females

Chocolate females

Chocolate males


Juice X Drake QA2, 8 pups born 2-14-18

Day 11 week



These are past pictures of litters in the Nursery





Seemed to work well the first time, once you get them in a dish




   \Puppy area. On nice days they can go right out the patio door. Potty boxes filled with shavings. This area is bigger now. Whelping box is in the same room

whelping box in the same room