Started/Older/Foster Program



 Summer 2018


  Breeding Foster Program for Kat/Drake Chocolate Female Puppy born August 31st. 2018

 I occasionally place females in foster homes with breeding rights for me for several litters, and then when your obligation is finished, the foster family owns the dog and must spay her. You must be willing to deal with heat cycles. I would like her to be placed in a hunting home, a plus would be someone interested in running at junior hunt tests, or placed with an active family, but either way she MUST be a house dog.  I would like the Adopter to be someone who has another dog from me. I will need to take the dog for health certs, breeding, and whelping (which would be a period of 5-6 weeks) and in the past people have a difficult time allowing their only dog go for that long. The foster family must live within 100 miles from me,  preferably less, and must be experienced with raising hunting Labradors. You must not ever be interested in breeding the dog yourself, and there will be a contract defining the expectations and obligations of the agreement. When the contract is ended you will be expected to spay the dog as you will not have breeding rights. I will be very discriminating in their placement.  My foster homes must be real homes and families, and not just someone looking for a hunting dog or free dog or a broker. If you are familiar with whelping a litter you may be approved to whelp the litter, but you must be able to cope with changing conditions and have either a healthcare or animal husbandry background, have very good animal sense, and have access to a vet near by that takes call. If you live farther than 40 miles away it would be best if I whelp the litter because, I have access to reproduction veterinarians and it would be safer for the dog to be under their care in case complications arise.